Buck Hits: Jennings scores 81, Dooling out, Landry in?

Right now, we should be covering Summer League and whether or not Larry Sanders is ready to take that Rookie/Sophomore leap. Instead, the lockout has relegated us to here-say and speculation. Enter this week’s Buck Hits.

Charles Gardner writes about Keyon Dooling’s busy offseason as Vice President of the National Basketball Player’s Association. More interesting though is Keyon’s “writing’s on the wall” reaction to the Bucks’ offseason transactions. “It doesn’t put me in a good position; the situation is not good for me in Milwaukee,” Dooling said. “Something will happen with the roster. I anticipate more moves will happen.” I’d rather see us jettison Dooling and offer Boykins a veteran’s minimum, but at this point, I’d imagine Earl wants to play for a contender if someone else will have him.

The Bucks’ roster is very much up in the air right now, which means the team might end up with open spots on the bench when basketball is ready to be played again. Carl Landry lists Milwaukee as a potential home, according to CBSSports.com. As of right now, the Bucks don’t have room for another 6’9″ tweener averaging 12/5 on his career. That said, I wouldn’t mind at all seeing him on the roster should more shaking up occur.

Gery Woelfel is reporting that Jim Boylan will remain with the Bucks as an assistant next year, while Kelvin Sampson is still job hunting.

The Frederick News Post has a feature on former Buck Joe Alexander and where his journeyman has gotten him so far.

Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld reported on Twitter that Brandon Jennings scored 81 points in a charity game in Long Beach last night. Apparently, Trevor Ariza, Dorell Wright, and a few other NBA hoopsters were in Most interesting part? 10 minute quarters, which means Jennings scored 81 points in AT MOST 40 minutes.

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  1. would be great to see jennings play like that next year. too bad it was just a charity game

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