Bring the joy Brandon Jennings

If you, like me, were ever wondering just what exactly Chris Broussard was talking about when he Tweeted this, I think you have your visualization right here.

The next car in my train of thoughts returns to practicality though: Is this the Brandon Jennings we’ll see whenever the NBA gets it together again? Last summer I was ecstatic when Jennings was balling out with John Wall and DeMar Derozan. He was having fun, he looked electric and occasionally explosive. He looked like a guy who was going to be worth watching a bad basketball game for.

But Jennings wasn’t that guy. He wasn’t a bad player, but, with the exception of a torching of the New York Knicks in the Garden last March, he hasn’t really stolen the show on the court very much since the 55-point game. And he was a show thief regularly in the weeks before that game.

No one likes to see a team lose games, that’s why Bucks fans were so deflated last season. But for the love of God, watching a team struggle so badly and look so lifeless on offense makes it all the worse. We all recognize the Bucks identity as a defensive team, but that doesn’t mean there can be no joy on offense.

Jennings isn’t going to be doing And-1 style tricks when real basketball resumes, that would be absurd. And we’ve kind of seen that before, haven’t we? Oh, you don’t recall Rafer Alston’s incredibly¬†limited minutes under George Karl? The last thing Karl, or the league for that matter, seemed interested in was Alston dribbling away garbage time. Again and again the newly reformed street-baller was called for comical travels, carries and double dribbles. That wasn’t fun for anyone. At least not for anyone but me. I giggled non-stop in my seat at the absurdity of it all. But you can have fun without being a joke. That’s what we all want from Brandon Jennings.

Be the point guard Brandon. Bring the joy back with you.

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