Buck Hits: Who Stays, Who Goes, Who Knows?

The writing is on the wall for the small fries and old guys of the NBA. Rookies and bench warmers (and Deron Williams) have been signing overseas while stars and rotation players continue to hold their breath that there will be an NBA season, or at least a paycheck in the next 12 months. It’s getting dicey, with the NBA filing a lawsuit against the Player’s Association, and the director of the PA Billy Hunter is assuming the worst, a cancelled season. What does that mean for the Bucks?

There was wide speculation that Keyon Dooling had signed with a pro team in Turkey until word came out that the team turned their back on Dooling, signing Patty Mills instead. The latest in the soap opera is that Mills is dragging his feet, and no contracts have been signed. Dooling became the 4th string PG for the Bucks after the Stephen Jackson deal, so Dooling’s departure seemed to be a gift to the organization who had a guaranteed $2 million owed to Dooling. Now? Who knows.

One Buck is certain to be playing overseas this year: Jon Leuer. The Bucks’ rookie has signed with Skyliners Frankfurt in Germany. Barring any injuries, this is a plus for both Leuer and the Bucks. Leuer gets more experience under his belt while raking in some guaranteed cash, and the Bucks will receive a more NBA ready Leuer whenever this mess gets settled.

Lots of Brandon Jennings press this summer as he continues to stay active. Jennings has a lavish internship with Under Armour, one which has allowed him to beef up to 180 pounds while working at the Under Armour facilities in Baltimore. Jennings also starred in yet another street ball game, this time alongside NBA newbie Kemba Walker.

Carlos Delfino had 16 points in an exhibition pummeling of Basque Country. The final score? 92-28.

Steve over at Brew Hoop posted their first ever Podcast, detailing the legal logistics surrounding the NBA lockout. If you’re having trouble following just what is happening between the NBA, the NBPA, and their respective lawyers, Steve breaks it down into lamen’s terms for those who aren’t legally savvy.

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