Woelfel: Redd heading to title contender

From Gery Woelfel at journaltimes.com:

I’ve heard Milwaukee Bucks management approached Michael Redd before the lockout about returning for another season, although my impeccable sources insist he’s going to wind up with one of the Eastern Conference’s title contenders.

Awwwwwwww.  It was all but certain before, but it seems that Michael Redd is finally gone from Milwaukee. Unless of course, Milwaukee ends up being the only team that offers anything to Redd which is definitely in the realm of possibility.

Redd’s legacy in Milwaukee is tricky. Jeremy has talked about this before. He’s not a great player, but based on the criteria the Bucks have established, then his number should hang in the rafters. Redd was a better player than Brian Winters (best/second best player on bad teams) or Jon McGlocklin (5th wheel on good teams). His career as a Buck was better than Bob Lanier’s (career averages plummeted when he was traded to Bucks). What does all this mean? The Bucks haven’t had very good players.

Random thoughts on the no. 5 scorer in Bucks history:

  • Defining game: 57 points against Utah…in a loss. No assists. 25 points in the 4th quarter. Tied the game with just enough time to lose. In 2006, if I told you that stat line and asked you whose it was, the first answer would be Kobe Bryant, but Redd wouldn’t be far behind.
  • My vote for Most Fun Shooting Stroke ever
  • If you take a deep 3 from the right wing, it should be Wisconsin state law that you yell, “Michael Redd!”
  • If Redd ends up going to the Heat, I wouldn’t be able to handle all the puns when he has a good shooting night.
  • Redd should go play for the New York Knicks. It was always his destiny to be the 2 guard for the Steve Nash/Mike D’antoni Suns. Now that he’s half the player he was, it’d be apt that he goes to play for half of that tandem.

I’ll miss him. And I’ll forever yell his name during pick-up games, if only to confuse and infuriate the guy who yells, “Kobe!”

Ian Segovia is a contributor to Bucksketball.com. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Guys yelling “Kobe” in pick-up games deserve to be infuriated to the extreme. Thanks for a new tactic.

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