A Milwaukee Bucks early free agency update

It begins.

Monday was the first day NBA teams could openly court free agents, and the courting has begun with some gusto. And not surprisingly, the Milwaukee Bucks haven’t been widely rumored to be involved with much of the bidding.

But Gery Woelfel has a few tidbits about potential Bucks targets. Woelfel interviewed long shot Bucks target, Dallas Mavericks forward and Racine native Caron Butler. Butler did not outright rule out the Bucks as a landing spot:

Milwaukee definitely reached out and, obviously, that’s always a high consideration because it’s home. I’m a hometown guy. I’m a guy who always likes coming back and doing things in the community.

There are a few logistics that could make Butler’s homecoming difficult. For one, Milwaukee currently has 12 players under contract right now. Add in first round draft pick Tobias Harris, and they are up to 13. Add in Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, and you’re up to 14. If Milwaukee wanted to use that last roster spot on a backup center, that’s a full 15 man roster, and that doesn’t even include potential addition Darington Hobson, who had a hip surgery paid for by the Bucks and has been hanging around Milwaukee since being the Bucks second round pick in 2010.

Butler’s contract demands could be an issue as well. The Bucks do have a little bit of money to play with. Michael Redd’s expiring contract outweighs some of the additions Milwaukee made last season, but the length demands Butler has could be too much. After seeing Redd struggle to return from an ACL tear, Milwaukee, and other teams, could be seriously hesitant to commit more than one season to Butler after his ACL tear on January 1 of this year. Jeff Caplan reports that Butler has no interest in a one year deal though.

It’s worth noting that no major outlet has even mentioned the Bucks as a viable candidate for Butler. So this seems to just be Butler playing up interest in his hometown because that can be a fun thing to do.

  • Mbah a Moute has become quite the popular topic amongst writers these days. David Aldridge of NBA.com published a article lamenting the lack of interest in defensive minded players come free agency. He notes that Mbah a Moute’s inabilities on the perimeter could very well leave him looking longingly at his phone this week. In the piece, John Hammond notes once again, the team wants to retain Mbah a Moute and feels he has more value to them than he does anyone else.
  • In a separate article than the Butler one, Woelfel writes that the Bucks have contacted the agent for Shannon Brown. Brown is an undersized, over athletic two guard that has spent the past few years dunking for the Lakers and profiting from a grass roots LetShannonDunk campaign that landed him in the dunk contest.

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  2. I for one do not lament the lack of interest in LRMAM. The last thing we need is the price getting driven up on him. I don’t think Caron Butler would be a good fit on the team, seems like that might be a chemistry issue that we wouldn’t need. I know he’s not normally known for that, but he seems like the kind of guy who would demand a thing or two where we wouldn’t need him is all.

  3. I would love to see the Bucks land Shane Battier. He has the highest IQ of any player in the league, I think he’d get along well with Skiles and the rest of the squad, I’ve never heard anyone say a negative thing about his personality. I think he would be a great addition to the Bucks. Sadly I think Battier is a bit out of the Bucks spending range and he could create a bit of a log jam at the 3 for developing players like Harris and Hobson. But I think that if the Bucks want to be the most competitve team they can possibly be this season Battier would be the player to help them the most.

  4. Can someone answer this? Are Ilyasova and/or Leuer playing for the Bucks this year?
    I for one would love to have Butler, because his offensive skill set would work well on any team, assuming he doesn’t shoot too much. That being said I really like the lineup of Jennings, Jackson, The Prince, Gooden, and Bogut.. because of the scoring ability in the backcourt and the defensive capabilities in the frontcourt

  5. i know that Leuer opted out of his contract with Germany so I assume he’ll be on the Roster but I won’t be surprised if he spends most of the season in the D-League. That’s another reason why the Bucks might let LRMAM go. They are running out of room on the bench if you count Hobson they are already at 15 players

  6. Plus I keep hearing that they feel the need to sign a backup Center so somebody has to go and they’re not using the amnesty clause (which is wise to pocket it in my opinion)

  7. I realize where a small-market team but I still think signing Caron Butler and Carl Landry would make us into contenders. Landry would ease the help Bogut recieves down low and Butler would add a solid scoring output at the wing.

  8. @Brett Yule Brett I agree I would very much like to see both those players on the Bucks Roster but financially it just isn’t gonna happen for them. Butler looks like he’s going to be making at least 7 mil a year that alone would but the Bucks over the cap. Landry is probably worth right around a MLE but in this incredibly weak Free Agent market, players are going to be greatly overpaid. And the Bucks only have about 5 mil to spare if I’m not mistaken and that money is gonna end up going to LRMAM and a veteran minimum or player minimum backup Center if they feel they need one

  9. @Brett Yule
    This team won’t be contending, at least not for a title, until it can get a certifiable star. Landry and Butler are nice players, but they are role players. Neither makes or breaks any team’s title chances unless that team contains a couple of superstars already.

    Both Leuer and Ilyasova are coming to camp, but we won’t really know where everything stands with them until the ball tips this season.