Don’t forget: Stephen Jackson has no time for being babies

Stephen Jackson was all smiles and hilarious quotes in late June.

It’s been a long time, so you’re forgiven if you don’t recall the colorful flourish Stephen Jackson arrived in Milwaukee with.

And if you remember, kudos to you. Though Jackson made it clear from his introductory news conference that his tenure in Milwaukee, if nothing else, is likely to be one people will remember. The Bucks have used the motto, “Work Hard, Play Hard” for each of the past two seasons, but Jackson did his best to give them something else to consider back in June.

“It’s no time for being babies or being scared. Scared, go to church.”

“Scared, go to church.”

If the Bucks miss the playoffs and Jackson flames out like Corey Maggette, we’ll always have that. Things are always going to be interesting when Jackson is involved. He pledged to be a leader, to be vocal and said he arrived in Milwaukee to win games.

So as you prepare for the return of the NBA and engulf yourself in the trade rumors, free agent activity and madness that’s going to consume the league until training camps open and the season finally is under way, don’t forget about the move Milwaukee already made. The Bucks are likely to be quiet on the free agent front during this shortened free agent frenzy. A backup center may arrive and something must be done on the Luc Mbah a Moute front, but Milwaukee isn’t in the mix for Nene, David West or even Nick Young. The Bucks made their move back in June.

The team hopes in that one June move, they added both the scoring punch and locker room fire sorely lacking throughout the disappointing 2010-11 season.

Other notes

  • Chris Sheridan ranked five hidden gems in free agency and listed Milwaukee’s Mbah a Moute first. He likened Mbah a Moute’s tenacity on defense to that of Tony Allen, a key cog in the Memphis Grizzlies playoff run last season.
  • Andrew Wagner reports from day one at the Cousins Center. Beno Udrih was the lone Bucks player to show up, though the team did not expect much as their players are largely spread out across both this country and other ones. John Hammond told the assembled media Milwaukee has “every intention” of bringing back Mbah a Moute.

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  1. Cap’n Jack! I’m beginning to recall I was excited about Jackson coming here in June [or maybe just thrilled we got rid of Salmons and Maggette]. In giving up hope of the season, I found I’ve forgotten a lot of what I felt just prior to July 1…

  2. @Jane
    I feel exactly the same, Jane. A few months of negotiations, problems and negativity has gone a long ways towards wiping the memory of a happy draft night from my mind.

  3. Succinctly put Jane and Jeremy. I’m still working my knowledge back up to its usual level. Lost too much information by not paying attention during the lockout.