Report: Bucks’ Keyon Dooling to the Boston Celtics

Keyon Dooling appears to have taken his last shot for the Milwaukee Bucks (Photo: Jonathan Daniel)

UPDATE: Charles F. Gardner is reporting Dooling and a second round pick will be heading to Boston for a trade exception.

Alex Kennedy of Hoopsworld adds on to an earlier report from Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times, tweeting that Milwaukee Bucks backup point guard Keyon Dooling will be heading to the Boston Celtics for a second round draft pick.

Dooling had been a likely trade candidate since June after Milwaukee acquired two point guards, Beno Udrih and Shaun Livingston, along with forward Stephen Jackson in a draft day three-way trade with the Charlotte Bobcats and Sacramento Kings.

Dooling’s one season in Milwaukee was a rocky one. Originally signed to backup Brandon Jennings, Dooling spent a large part of the season in a shooting guard role that he wasn’t quite cut out for. Dooling started 22 games when Jennings went down with an injury mid-season. After a stellar year from Luke Ridnour in the backup point guard spot, Dooling’s sub-40% shooting often made him a target for the criticism of fans.

Dooling’s departure essentially leaves the Bucks with 15 current roster candidates, not including the backup center many suspect they will be after. Dooling was set to make just under $2.3 million this season. Assuming Mike Dunleavy Jr., signed earlier on Thursday, is going to make in the neighborhood of $3.75 million next season, losing Dooling’s contract leaves the Bucks $1.825 million under the salary cap when accounting for Luc Mbah a Moute’s qualifying offer. This number does not take into account Darington Hobson, but does take into account Tobias Harris and Jon Leuer.

While the point guard log jam appears solved, Milwaukee will still have a decision to make now that Mike Dunleavy Jr. is reportedly in the mix. Stephen Jackson, Carlos Delfino, Dunleavy, Harris and Hobson will all compete for minutes at the two and three, with Udrih and Livingston able to spend some time on the wings as well.

Clearing Dooling gives the team the option to hold steady with this group or drop one more wing and make a run at another big man.

It’s worth noting that oft-mentioned Bucks backup target Joel Przybilla is considering the Bucks, but is rumored to be leaning towards retirement.

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  1. Nice! I was hoping they would drop Dooling somehow. Nothing wrong with him, he was a great influence on our team. However, Udrih is a far superior back up. He’s an amazing shooter. A lefty Luke Ridinour if you will. I don’t think that Hammond is done, however. He will probably trade away a SF for some front court help. I’m sad to say that, they all have different types of talents. Jackson is a proven scorer and delfino can sure stroke it. Tobias Harris is ‘Melo-esque and Dunleavy can also shoot. I have Delfino is out now that we have dunleavy, i hope not though.

  2. I agree with Avid Bucks Fan I think another trade is in the making and I hope it’s Delfino. I’ve personally never been a Carlos Delfino fan so I would very much like to see him be traded if possible. I think Denver would take him, Nets are in dire need for a SF with Outlaw out. OKC needs a backup for Kevin Durant. Trade him for a pick 1st or 2nd round (whtever they can get best for him) pocket the 3.5 mil and that money will go to matching whatever offer Mbah a Moute gets. And after that I think they could still sign a backup center for veterans minimum Kurt Thomas comes to mind first off for me. And still be right around the cap without having to use any exceptions. Boom there’s your 15 man roster

  3. Am I the only one that is confused by the Bucks looking for a backup center when we have Leuer and Sanders as options? I know they are young, light, and developing.. but the only way they are going to get better is by playing. I think Harris will eventually be a SF, but I think he should get some of the PF minutes this year.

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  5. @Ted
    Given all the changes the roster has undergone now, it seems very unlikely that Delfino would be next to go. The team probably wants to maintain some level of comfort, and we saw Delfino get quite a few minutes whenever he was healthy last season. There’s obviously a certain level of trust Skiles has in him that he doesn’t have in everyone.

    I don’t think either Leuer or Sanders really project out as centers. Neither is really made to sustain a pounding, and I know Sanders has a ways to go as a help defender. He’s a great shot-blocker, but his awareness was still in question at the end of last season. Leuer comes from a strong program, but he’s way to small to be a center right now. If the team wants to win games, they’ll likely want a veteran, big man. Even if it is a Jason Collins type.

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  7. I understand completely that Dooling needed to be traded away with the surplus of combo guards the Bucks have, but what did they get in return? A trade exception? So pretty much they burnt a 2nd round pick and Dooling to make some cap space? Sorry if I sound sarcastic/ synical, I just don’t understand the value of the move because to me it seems like desperation, would love for someone to break this down.