This is what Stephen Jackson said at media day

Stephen Jackson is hoping to replicate his success with the Warriors this season.

If you’re not talking about an NBA title, don’t come and talk to Stephen Jackson.

The most colorful character the Miwaukee Bucks have had in some time held court with the media on Saturday and, as always, failed to disappoint. Here’s a collection of Jackson quotables provided without questions asked or referenced, because they are more hilarious that way:

“If guys come in here not focused on a championship, just making the playoffs, we need to trade them. We need to be talking about championship and nothin’ else. You can’t limit yourself to just playoffs. Who wants to do that? Playoffs is not really an achievement to me. Anybody can get to the playoffs.”

“If I’m shot, I’ma get stitched and play the next game. I got hit by a car and played two days later.”

“I’m always 100 percent.”

“Last time I had a good point guard and a big man, I was able to win a championship, that was with San Antonio.”

“I think he’s top three. I got him behind Dwight and Gasol.”

“I was on the opposite end of 55 points, so I know what this kid can do.”

“Ya’ll know me, I’ma tell you the truth, love it or leave it. You don’t like me, I don’t care anyway. I’ma tell you what’s real and I’ma tell you how I feel. I definitely feel we can get this thing done. I’ve always wanted to play for Scott, He’s one of the very few coaches I go over and shake hands with when I’m on the opposing team.

“He’s a fiery guy, and I’m looking forward to me and him arguing, because that means the fire is on the team and we goin’ in the right direction. To be able to play for him and Jim is a blessing for me.”

“Who won the championship again? I didn’t even watch the playoffs.”

“Dallas sucks to me.”

“My name is Slash, I play whatever. I played center in Golden State, I played four in Golden State. Wherever I need to be man, I’m just ready to play. I’ll guard anybody, I’ll do anything.”

“I don’t mind leading by example, I don’t mind fighting for my teammates, I don’t mind putting myself on the line for my teammates.”

“You can’t teach somebody how to be a leader.”

“Was there a lockout? I don’t know, I wasn’t even watching the news, I wasn’t affected by the lockout, I don’t have money problems. Yeah I wasn’t playing basketball, but I can’t control that. I was doing my music stuff at the time.”

“When it was over, they called us, told us to come. Now I know what’s going on.”

“We have all the tools here. We got two stars in Brandon and Andrew. This their team, no question about that. Me and the other guys, we gotta buy in and back these guys up.”

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  1. Stephen’s by far my favorite player in the nba. I had an awesome incident with him once, i dont have alot of $ but i saved all i could 2 get front row seats behind the visitors at a wizards game “closest arena 2 me” an they got beat by 30. Even still at the end of the game he came over an gave me his head band. I’ve never got 2 go 2 another game but what a once in a lifetime happening

  2. It’s nice to have someone with some attitude. Our current crop of guys were far too nice and respectful, so having someone from the Brawl at Auburn Hills who at least has a chance to get into a fight is fun.

  3. @Josh
    Edit: I agree with Hollinger, though, Skiles should try and keep him at SF if they can but on this roster, I don’t know who could play a reliable 2.

  4. I wish Golden State kept him. I live in SF, a Bay Area native, and go or watch every game. Jackson is not only a very good scorer, but he is a leader and, like he said, able to play 3 positions very well. Thank God for new ownership, because Jamal Crawford, Stephen Jackson, and countless other players have thrived and become all-stars in other cities. Jackson got railroaded regarding the fan incident – they painted him as the bad guy, when in fact he is a fearless leader. Good luck Jackson!

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  7. @Jeramey Jannene
    I suspect that’s just his nature. Falls into the, “I tell the truth, love it or leave it” category. I think so long as the team is winning, he’ll be okay with things. There was another quote I forgot to put in about how he was upset when the Bobcats traded Wallace it meant they gave up and that was not cool to him. I’m paraphrasing obviously. But as long as the team is winning, I don’t think the contract will be an issue.

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  9. Good luck with Jackson. He can be a good player, but can also be a frustrating player at the same time. I always liked him, sometimes thought he got a bad rap for his incidents in Indianapolis. As long as he stays out of trouble he should do good things with Jennings and Bogut. When he gets the ball as long as he doesn’t stand with it long and then take a bad shot its good. If he makes his move instantly he’ll score on anyone, if he waits, he’ll miss.

    Can’t wait for the Pacers to beat the Bucks though :)