Bogut Out Indefinitely

Andrew Bogut rolled his ankle upon falling on Houston point guard Kyle Lowry in the Bucks 105 – 99 victory on Wednesday.

John Hammond Announcement on the Bucks Twitter page:

Andrew returned to Milwaukee this morning to be evaluated by Bucks orthopaedic physician, and to undergo a MRI exam on his left ankle. The results of the MRI identified a left ankle fracture which will keep Bogut out indefinitely

Fracture’s are often a bigger nuisance than a clean break.


This season, the Bucks are 0-4 without Bogut.


Larry Sanders is going to be playing heavy minutes.


Jon Leuer will probably play more too.


Unless the Bucks keep shooting like they did against Houston, well I don’t think I have to explain what will happen. They don’t really have any big men who are truly comfortable in the post. Drew Gooden, Ersan Ilyasova and Leuer all play better when they’re out on the perimeter.

This isn’t the end though. Ilyasova has been rebounding fantastically as of late. And the Bucks have the third highest ranking in assisted field goals at the rim: they generally get a lot of backdoor cuts or dump-offs from penetration.

Oh who am I kidding, let’s just burn this mother down.

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  1. Sign Butch, put a few more fans in the stands while the season slowly slips away as Jennings and Jackson do all that they can to keep the team relevant but 7 or 8 seed at best

  2. Regardless if the team stinks this year I say a great route would be to amnesty Gooden and offer max deal to Eric Gordan. The hornets might match it but if they don’t have an owner yet they could pass and then the Bucks get a young star SG for 4 years at 15mil/per. At least it’s taking a shot.

    • @Wombat02 tht would be a great idea on paper I think, but Gordon is a bit injury prone as well so idk he’s worth that much money, plus word on the street is he’s goin to Indy. I think their best course of action is next year make some changes and just turn into a run and gun team, kinda like the Mo Williams Desmond Mason Bucks. They weren’t great teams but at least they were fun to watch. And let’s face it the Bucks aren’t winning a Championship anytime soon so we might as well watch Jennings throw lobs to a bunch of dudes and put up 100+ a game

    • @Wombat02 Gordon isn’t really a max guy. Great scorer, but I don’t know that he cures all the woes. Max contracts for free agents isn’t the way the Bucks rebuild successfully.

      • @jeremyschmidt I disagree, I think it is the only way for the Bucks to rebuild. Certainly sitting in mediocrity and landing in the late lottery hasn’t worked out. Either the bucks need to be bad enough to get in the top 5 or they need to seize the own destiny by signing a star player.

        • @Wombat02 @jeremyschmidt I see two problems here:1) The Hornets aren’t letting him go anywhere.. He was the centerpiece of the CP3 trade and they are trying to sell the team, so they need a superstar for value.. 2)As much as I like his scoring ability he plays/is soft.. He is missing significant time for a BONE BRUISE.. He has been soft going all the way back to college

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  4. remember those trade rumors last year when Bogut was being offered to the Timberwolves for the 2nd overall pick….coulda been Derrick Williams Sigh :/

    • @Teddddd Umm have you seen Derrick Williams play? He’s getting his shot blocked by shooting guards

      • @JustinNixon he has potential to be an all star player once he figures out what position he’s supposed to play. Plus I’d rather have a guy with a potential good future than a guy who can’t stay on the floor for a string of 10 games