Andrew Bogut rolled his ankle upon falling on Houston point guard Kyle Lowry in the Bucks 105 – 99 victory on Wednesday.

John Hammond Announcement on the Bucks Twitter page:

Andrew returned to Milwaukee this morning to be evaluated by Bucks orthopaedic physician, and to undergo a MRI exam on his left ankle. The results of the MRI identified a left ankle fracture which will keep Bogut out indefinitely

Fracture’s are often a bigger nuisance than a clean break.


This season, the Bucks are 0-4 without Bogut.


Larry Sanders is going to be playing heavy minutes.


Jon Leuer will probably play more too.


Unless the Bucks keep shooting like they did against Houston, well I don’t think I have to explain what will happen. They don’t really have any big men who are truly comfortable in the post. Drew Gooden, Ersan Ilyasova and Leuer all play better when they’re out on the perimeter.

This isn’t the end though. Ilyasova has been rebounding fantastically as of late. And the Bucks have the third highest ranking in assisted field goals at the rim: they generally get a lot of backdoor cuts or dump-offs from penetration.

Oh who am I kidding, let’s just burn this mother down.