Buck Hits: 3-0 at Home, Bogut in/Dunleavy out

Just as the Twittersphere started the movement to fire Scott Skiles following a 0-5 West Coast road trip, the Bucks put together a dandy. The win over the Spurs was nearly as compelling as the Bucks have played since their last trip to the postseason against the Hawks. So while the team is 0-6 on the road, consider too that they are undefeated at home at 3-0.


01/10/12 Bucks v. Spurs

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop, We’re Bucked

Power Rankings

Marc Stein: 26
NBA.com: 23


  • It wasn’t all good news yesterday, as it was announced that Mike Dunleavy will mis another 2-4 weeks with a groin injury. The bad news is countered by the fact that we may see more Tobias Harris on the court. Seeing your first round pick actually playing in games is not something we take for granted.
  • Bogut’s return was crucial to the Bucks victory yesterday, and his return to the court was crucial to Bogut. “I’m going to try to forget about it. The best way to forget about it, my temple is kind of the basketball court.” Bogut told reporters that his absence was due to a family medical issue. Great to see Andrew play at a high level after dealing with a traumatic experience.
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