The Internet, for as large and free (for now) as it is, lacks Bucks coverage when the team is struggling. Sure, Brandon Jennings is shooting 45% from the field a fifth of the way through the season. But no one wants to talk upside when you’ve lost 8 of your last 10 and 3 straight. In fact, no one wants to talk Bucks at all. Today’s Buck Hits are devoid of coverage, much like last night’s transition defense.


01/17/12 Bucks v. Nuggets

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop, We’re Bucked

Power Rankings

Marc Stein: 22
John Hollinger: 24 19

Sebastian Pruiti does dive into the rookie rankings once again and Jon Leuer finds himself fifth on the list. Pruiti, master of the film clip, even has a clip of Leuer.

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