Buck Hits: a win in exchange for an injury

The Milwaukee Bucks were feeling all kinds of 2009-2010 last night. Losing Andrew Bogut to injury. Making shots. Winning. It was quite the sight to behold. Enter today’s Buck Hits.


01/23/12 Bucks v. Hawks

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoop, Behind the Buck Pass

01/25/12 Bucks @ Rockets

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoopBehind the Buck Pass

Power Rankings

Marc Stein: 17
John Hollinger: 19
NBA.com: 17


Michael Hunt of the Journal Sentinel has an answer for the Bucks’ struggles: Amnesty Stephen Jackson. IF the Bucks wanted to ditch the Jackson experiment, I would bet that they could somehow trade him, getting something back in return rather than paying him to sit at home.

Great breakdown of the starting lineups the Bucks have trotted out thusfar over at Brewhoop.

Bad news for the Bucks: Bogut is expecting the worst with his ankle injury. “I’m not optimistic. With my history of unlucky injuries I’m hoping this one can do me a favor and (go away). Most of my injuries are unfortunate things and this goes in the same boat as that. It’s frustrating,” Bogut moped. Best case, according to Bogut, is “hopefully it would be a week thing. We’ll see what happens.” One week means no Bogut for games against Chicago, the Lakers, Detroit, and Miami. And if he misses ten days, you can add another meeting with Detroit and Chicago to that list.

More bad news for the Bucks: they’re still the least valuable franchise in the NBA, according to Forbes.

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