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From Eric Maroun of Hardwood Paroxysm

Eric Maroun wrote an awesome post over at Hardwood Paroxysm. It compares each player’s Usage Rate to their PER. Usage Rate is the percent of possessions a player uses while on the court. PER measures the overall statistical contribution of a player.

The Bucks chart suggests that Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih and Tobias Harris eat up too many possession when they’re on the court. It also suggests that Jon Leuer isn’t involved in the offense enough.

I, too, made some graphs, albeit they are much less impressive. But I think they can show us a few interesting things.

A lot has been touted about the shot creators the Bucks got this offseason. It stands to reason that a team’s best creators should possess the ball most often, but do the Bucks do this:

This graph compares Usage Rate against Assist Rate. Assist Rate is the rate of assists vs possessions used. Shaun Livingston‘s assist rate has been downright monstrous this season; looking even greater with the few possessions he has gotten to use.

This graph compares Usage Rate against Turnover Rate. Turnover Rate is the percentage of possessions ending in a turnover. This graph lines up well with the PER vs Usage Rate graph: Jackson, Udrih and Harris come off poorly in both. At least Udrih and Harris are somewhat redeemed by their shooting – both have True Shooting Percentage over 55 percent – and Harris is just a rookie, but Jackson has too large of an effect on the team for a someone playing less than well (to put it mildly).

So how should the Bucks deal with the Knicks tonight? It’s very simple and I’ll let another chart by Maroun do the talking.

Contain Bill Walker at all costs

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