Jon Leuer’s First Start; Wisconsin Swoons

Leuer is posing for a completely different picture

The big day is here Badger fans! Leuer is starting. Rejoice! Between him and Greg Stiemsma this is the greatest year for Badgers in the NBA ever.

Going into the season, it looked like the Bucks power forward spot was jam-packed and Leuer might not get a chance to shine. But he’s starting tonight against the Pistons. How did we get here and are the Bucks heading toward a new status quo?

  • No back-up center

Leuer impresses the Bucks enough that they decide to fill the last roster spot with him instead of a free agent backup center. Drew Gooden has to take backup center role.

  • Luc Mbah a Moute’s Knee Tendinitis

LRMAM would have been a prime candidate to take the power forward starting position, but he has only been able to play two games this year.

  • Larry Sanders has great fine motor skills, but poor basketball skills

Sanders is a nice artist. Heck, he could be the best player the Bucks have, but we’ll never know because he can’t hold on to the ball for very long (very long = two seconds).

  • Ilyasova has decided to not show up this year.

Ilyasova is not playing his game. He’s taking three less shots per 36 minutes than his career average. Yes, his rebound is still there, but Bogut’s been out for a considerable chunk of the season and someone had to grab rebounds.

It’s questionable as to whether Ilyasova fits into this brave new world the Bucks are exploring where Teamwork is Magic. He has always been sort of an unrepentant chucker and a ball-stopper.

  • Leuer’s Performance

There’s been a bit of serendipity in Leuer’s rise to the starting spot today, but it’s been for the best as he is clearly the Bucks best offensive option at the four. And all that luck would have meant nothing had Leuer not performed well. He’s scoring 1.42 PPP(points per possession) in spot-up situations and 1 PPP in post-ups. He’s shooting 66.7 percent at the rim. Physically, he’s just a terrible man defender, but has been shown decent help defense. That’s to be expected from someone coming out of the Bo Ryan system.

Is he going to keep the starting job? Obviously, this depends all on Leuer. He already has Scott Skiles confidence as evidenced by the crunch time minutes Leuer got against the Spurs. Skiles is more than willing to play rookies as long as they get it and so far it looks like Leuer just gets it.

  • What about Brockman?

What about Brockman?

  • Speaking of Bucks Power Forwards

Anthony Mason owes Wisconsin a lot of money. I enjoy this.

Watch This Guy Not the Other Guys

  • Greg Monroe?

Monroe is the team leader in points and rebounds. He is tied for steals. He is two assists behind Ben Gordon for the assists lead. Andrew Bogut completely outclasses him.

The Rest

The Pistons aren’t just losing, they’re doing it in a spectacular fashion. They’ve lost five straight games by 14 points or more. They are bad. So bad, that this could be the worst Pistons team ever. Piston Powered has more.

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