Stephen Jackson misses shootaround in New York, is suspended

UPDATE: Jackson has tweeted an apology.

Per  Charles F. Gardner, Stephen Jackson will not play Friday night.

Stephen Jackson suspended for Friday night’s game vs. Knicks. Source said he missed bus to morning shootaround.

Jackson’s Twitter account had him hanging out with someone named “jones” Thursday evening, presumably Dipset rapper Jim Jones (he did that song BALLIN’ a few years ago), as his next tweet was about Dipset. No word on whether or not they picked up Juelz Santana.

Jackson was very vocal post game about his displeasure with sitting for the entire second half Tuesday in Milwaukee’s 105-95 loss to the Denver Nuggets. According to Andrew Wagner, both Jackson and Skiles downplayed his comments on Tuesday as an outburst from a competitor who doesn’t want to lose.

It’s not all bad news though. Gardner also reports that Mike Dunleavy will return to the lineup this evening, quicker than most had projected. Dunleavy’s injection into the lineup could be the shooting boon Milwaukee’s been searching for. The small forward has hit 36% of his threes this season.

Shaun Livingston will start at the two in lieu of Jackson and forward Luc Mbah a Moute, who has only played in two games this season, will again be active.

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  1. I have no idea what is good or bad for this Bucks team other than Bogut and Jennings. Mbah is the Bucks second best defender so him returning is certainly good but where does he fit in this mass of midline NBA players.

    Also how about the Bucks just take this year to run a Bogut – Jennings two man game 10 times a game. I really don’t know what kind of offense the Bucks run but rarely does it seem to be let’s run a play that gets Bogut open moving toward or already close to the basket.

  2. Looks like Stephen Jackson’s time in Milwaukee may be coming to an end. I was positive about trade when we got him on draft day, but you knew it was going to be a risk and unfortunately he hasn’t played well with the exception of 2 games (spurs, pistons). IMO the SG position is the most important position the bucks need to upgrade in in order too have success. They need to find a young SG in the draft or in free agency that can do what salmons did for us two years ago.

      • @jeremyschmidt It just doesn’t seem like there is going to be a happy ending with Jackson and the Bucks. The next 6 games will be a good indicator were the team is headed this season and into the future.

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  4. I hope Jackson gets his head screwed on straight soon. The Bucks management took a risk in trading for him that I personally thought was too risky to begin with. Jackson has never been a better player than Salmons or Maggette throughout his career (especially from an efficiency standpoint) nor has he been what one could call a ‘good citizen’ from all that I have ever seen of him or known of him from afar. He’s a foul-mouthed fella’ (ask the refs who keep T’ing him up) who displays a measure of selfishness on the court I have never been comfortable with. He thinks he’s better than he is. Those kinds of players always hurt teams.

  5. Goodbye extension. How hard is it to find players that behave and buy into the system? I feel bad for Skiles.. He is a good coach, but he can’t make good decisions (shots) for them.. And I don’t know if there is another team that has had the amount of player games missed during his tenure

      • @JustinNixon Yeah I think I take your position as well, Skiles seems to be an easy scapegoat when the players on the team don’t help the cause (injury, shooting, etc) like you said.

  6. Jack is a good player, and even better competitor, but he can’t deal with being disrespected and if he feels he’s been disrespected he generally does not handle it very “professionally” I expect Jack to come back and play with the fire we all know he has, and do well over the next weeks….but if he doesn’t he may deflate like a balloon. Honestly I don’t see much of an in between with him personally. He won’t quit on his teammates tho, he may quit on himself but his teammates are another story

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