Stephen Jackson: “My situation is going to get better soon.”

Are you worried about Jackson's influence on Jennings?

“They know how I feel,” repeated Stephen Jackson over and over again after the game against the Pistons. On who “they” were, Jackson would not elaborate, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that he’s talking about John Hammond, Scott Skiles and the Bucks organization at large.

The Bucks are 3-0 without Jackson. Against New York, he was suspended for missing shootaround because he overslept. He was suspended for the Lakers game because he was verbally abusing refs while playing the Bulls. Skiles chose not to play him against the Pistons. According to Jackson, this was the first time that he’s never played in an NBA game he was available to play in.

Without Jackson, the passing looks crisper and the offense looks better. Possessions aren’t wasted on Jackson heat checks. Delfino is playing better perimeter defense. And the team is stocked with better scorers, shooters and distributors. “Scott is right. We are playing well without me in the lineup,” said Jackson. “The rotation is great and as long as we’re winning. There’s nothing for nobody to complain about.”

Jackson isn’t playing well, but he isn’t a locker room cancer. The other players generally adore him. He’s the first one off the bench to high-five everyone during time-outs. He’s around and not playing well, but he’s not undermining any efforts to win. “My situation is going to get better soon,” Jackson said, “Until then, I’m going to support these guys and continue to collect my check.”

Hoopsworld recently ran a report stating the Bucks were looking to ship Jackson.

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  1. Well in that Hoopsworld article it also mentions the Timberwolves are also looking for a SG. Who knows if they would value Jackson as a starting SG. But let’s just say they do.

    Jackson for Beasley and Randolph works numbers wise. Just from looking at box scores it doesn’t seem like either is a big part of the wolves team right now (Beasley did have a big game last night though). They are both expiring contracts as well so give them a try out, at least it brings some more size to the team sanz Bogut.

    Hard to say if Minn say no to this deal.

      • @JaneG I doubt that any trade involving Jackson would not require the Bucks to take back a negative asset. Plus his contract is expiring. You wouldn’t take 40 games of Beasley to kick the tires on Randolph who is still a 22 year old potential machine?

        • @Wombat02 @JaneG I have this sneaky feeling that at some point down the road Beasley will pull a Zach Randolph and finally get it. It’s just a feeling, but some day (5-6 years from now) you’ll see him average a 25 and 8 from the small forward position and provide serviceable defense on a scrappy team. That day I’ll want him on my team. Right now, I want him no where near Jennings.

        • @MatthewTibbits @Wombat02 @JaneG

          We’d have eight PFs on the roster. (Several can play the other forward, and one, hopefully Brockman, would likely get traded in that scenario, but still.)

  2. if reports about Howard wantin to play wit Jack are true then I would imagine that the Nets are his most likely destination and Morrow and Petro would probably be the deal with possibly a 2nd rounder or something thrown in

    • @Teddddd So would the Nets trade for Jackson in order to entice Dwight or only look for Jackson once Dwight was acquired?

      • @Wombat02 I would assume the Jackson acquisition would come first but I have no idea, these are all only rumors so it’s tough to take anything seriously

      • @jeremyschmidt yea it would be most logical for Bucks, but I figured the Nets save Okur’s contract in the deal for Howard cuz Lopez contract is only a couple mil and aside from Marshon Brooks no1 on the Nets roster is desirable so I would assume Okur’s 10 mil or so would be needed to make up for Howard’s 18. I’m guessing a 3rd team will be involved in the deal tho, but who knows

        • @JaneG @jeremyschmidt @Teddddd Is the Okur trade idea basically just to get an expiring contract? If so why not ask for humphries first? Nets may need him to trade to Orl but maybe they prefer the expiring 10mil of Okur.

      • MatthewSchwendinger

        @jeremyschmidt @Teddddd hmmm I don’t know, I don’t want Okur. We can do better. i’d take Kaman over Okur.

        • @MatthewSchwendinger @jeremyschmidt @Teddddd I think NO is asking a lot for Kaman right now. Like a first round pick and a good young player. So that might not work out but a Kaman/Bogut C rotation would be stellar.

  3. John Hollinger thinks Stephen Jackson, Beno Udrih, and Brockman to the Nets for Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow and Damien James (injured for season) there is no substance behind this it’s just a scenario Hollinger thinks would work. This would not be a bad deal, the only downside tho is that u acquire new players that need to learn the system in a short period of time and could affect team chemistry. Shedding Jackson and Udrih would eliminate the Bucks 2nd and 3rd highest contracts tho and that would be a plus. I think Anthony Morrow would be a big asset as well, he’s one of the best outside shooters in the NBA and you can never have too many shooters on your roster

    • MatthewSchwendinger

      @Teddddd Man, Udrih is sooo good behind Jennings though!!! We need someone like that! Just like when we went to the playoffs (Jennings + Ridnour).

      • @JustinNixon

        I was about to say I doubt the Warriors want to deal with Jax’s drama again, seeing how he demanded a trade soon after signing an extension. But the owner, coach and roster are all different since he was in Oakland. The biggest holdup is that they already have a ball-stopping volume shooter in Monta Ellis and they might want to develop Klay Thompson behind him.

  4. MatthewSchwendinger

    I am not 100% sure there’s anyone on the Nets I want. UNLESS Humphries is Center eligible. I am not sold on Morrow and I’ve never loved Jordan Farmar. We’ve talked about Johan Petro before, like when he was a FA. Seriously though, I’d almost rather take draft picks or MAYBE MarShon Brooks but the Nets won’t part with him, there’s too much promise there. It’s too bad, I like Stephen Jackson…

    • MatthewSchwendinger

      Morrow shows a lot of promise, especially since Brooks has recently went down for a little bit, but still. He’s risky.

    • @MatthewSchwendinger Farmar is a capable backup and is much cheaper than Beno. Beno’s midrange is better but Farmar is a better outside shooter and defender plus just to reiterate he’s much cheaper. Humphries can’t be traded until March 1st and he wouldnt do the Bucks much good IMO they’ve already got several PF’s that can rebound well. As far as Brooks is concerned I agree with you in that I dont think the Nets would be willing to part with him, btu he’s injured now at the moment and can’t be traded anyway. I still think Morrow is the best asset the Bucks can acquire and Petro can play some backup Center (I’d rather have pryzbilla personally tho)

      My guess is Jack will be traded within the next 2 weeks at most, Nets need SG/SF right away and they want to get to playoffs. This year tanking will do no good cuz they’re going to lose all their draft picks in the trade for Howard anyway if it goes down

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