Tonight, the Milwaukee Bucks are back in action against the Washington Wizards. It will likely be a thrilling match between a team that refuses to rebuild and a team that can only rebuild. It’s too bad the NBA doesn’t engage in the hijinx like the average television sitcom from the 1990s.

Under those circumstances, we might see a coach swap that would leave Scott Skiles coaching the last team he ever wants to coach. In a sitcom, this would help him learn something about himself. In real life, he would end up fighting JaVale McGee’s mother to the death.

But I digress. Here are my wishes for the second half:

One way or the other, I’d love to know what Brandon Jennings is

I can live with it if Jennings completely regresses to the player he was for the majority of his first two seasons in the second half. I certainly can live with it if Jennings suddenly starts playing like he did the first 25 games this season the rest of the way. I can’t live with the ups and the downs though. It’s too much for me to handle. I’d love to know if this guy is legit or not. And I’m sure the Bucks would too.

Whether Jennings is a blossoming young point guard or just a useful point guard probably goes a long way towards dictating the future of the franchise. If his second half is like the majority of his first half, that would be nice, but it also might mean we get one more run with this basic team next season. If he bottoms out, things could go up in flames. That could happen either way, but I think another failure to prove himself makes it that much easier.

Another Drew Gooden triple-double

That was pretty fun, remember? Gooden’s been working so hard this year, even if his best intentions don’t always bear the best results. But if we’re going to watch Drew Gooden, a completely immersing Gooden experience would be worthwhile for at least one game this half. More off the backboard self passes.

More no-look everything. More pump faking to get free throws. More of everything until Gooden gets himself another triple-double.

Something from Larry Sanders

It’s looking more and more like we should know what to expect from Sanders. Basically, some Dan Gadzuric 2.0 stuff. Little more talent, little more control over his body. Probably not as good in general as Gadz in his prime. We won’t ever have to worry about a $40 million deal with Sanders. But it would be great if he could land himself some consistent minutes over the next couple months.

The lack of practice time has hurt him almost as much as the rookies. He isn’t really getting much opportunity to get better this season. He needs that opportunity. But if he can keep showing flashes on the court and combine that with just enough court sense, I’d be thrilled and I’ll hold out hope for another year that he could be better than Gadz.

A Trade

I’m a simple man, with simple desires. Last trade deadline was a lot of fun for most everyone and less fun for me. It’s more fun when the team you follow is more active. Two years ago was a blast. Obviously I’m not encouraging the team to do something insane or make a move just for the sake of making a move. But if something cool came along and the Bucks were the talk of the day again, I’m always down with that.


More than anything, I wish for this. I want there to be a clear direction that this team is heading in. Another season like last one and this one won’t do for me and I’m sure it won’t for you. But lets say something insane happens and the Bucks make a major move pushing them firmly into the playoff race. I can live with that, even if I don’t desire it. Getting enough talent in Milwaukee to make the Bucks a contender for the sixth seed I can live with.

Heading the other way would be fine too. Shipping out Andrew Bogut and/or Jennings? I can handle that, so long as it indicates there is a new plan in place. All I’m looking for is some sort of clear direction. Enough with the stop-gap moves. I’m confident we’re all done being excited about the Stephen Jacksons and Corey Maggettes of the world. Acquiring young players that can improve.

Or make a major move for a big piece.

Just do something and make us feel like you have a plan.

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