Buck Hits: All Star Break Edition

And so it is. The Bucks season is at the official halfway point, and it’s not pretty. Losers of 7 of their last 10 along with a 6 game home losing streak, the Bucks are 7 games below .500 and 10th in the Eastern Conference playoff picture. A break from Bucks basketball is good for everyone involved, from players to season ticket holders. So begins another round of Buck Hits.


02/20/12 Bucks v. Magic

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoopBehind the Buck Pass

02/22/12 Bucks @ Bulls

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnlineBrewhoopBehind the Buck Pass

Power Rankings

Marc Stein: 26
John Hollinger: 22
NBA.com: 23


Big Man Bad News #1: Drew Gooden has a torn wrist ligament. Gooden claims he wants to come back next week, which means he might play with pain the rest of the season. Sound familiar?

Big Man Bad News #2: Looks like free agent center Joel Przybilla is heading back to Portland. So much for his wisconsin love.

Feel Good Story #1: The Bucks are hosting their annual blood drive today. If you are physically able, please donate!

Feel Good Story #2: Brewhoop, in an effort to cheer up the fanbase reminds us that Shaun Livingston’s resurgence is a bright spot this season.

Coach Scott Skiles has a strong opinion regarding rest in professional sports. What’s notable is while it appears that he’s speaking in general terms, he’s most likely talking about the Bucks.
“Any time you have slippage now, it’s very hard to catch up. It just keeps slipping and slipping and slipping.” Eek.

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  1. The Bucks and T-Wolves should merge and relocate to the geographic mid-point. As a nod to the local cranberry industry, they would be known as the Tomah Tarts.

    Though that shortens my list of potential new names for Energee.

    • @Mooky Considering copying this comment and just making it a post because I love it so much. My mouth literally opened up and I gasped when I read it because it was so good.

      • @jeremyschmidt I would also make permanent positions for the gold-painted Eastern Bloc guys to be the visiting team’s towel/water boys.

        When the time comes, they could just stack up to serve Mamadou Ndiaye.

    • @Mooky Clearly “The Sweat Tarts” would win out in a national naming survey for the new dance team name.