This is what Brandon Jennings said after taking four shots against the Suns

After reporters finished talking with Stephen Jackson, the pack moved to a dressing Brandon Jennings. He was short with his answers about his performance and seemed hell bent on getting away from the media without saying anything incriminating. When pressed about his game specifically, his eyes wandered up to the ceiling.

In short, if I’m going to be completely honest, Jennings didn’t speak like someone who was telling the truth. But for now, his motives on Tuesday night remain just that: His motives.

I won’t pin this on his relationship with management, or Coach Scott Skiles or Stephen Jackson or anyone else. Maybe he was annoyed with his teammates. Maybe he was bitter about the fan support last Saturday. We can’t say for sure because Jennings isn’t letting us in right now. But something was very different about his game on Tuesday night, no one imagined that. Just watch the first quarter again. He doesn’t dribble the ball inside the three-point arc for his entire stint. This wasn’t some superhuman defensive team either. Jennings attacked a much better team in Chicago just days ago with considerably more vigor.

Skiles said after the game that he thought Jennings looked, “disconnected.”

Here’s Jennings after his strange game.

On getting down big and the offensive rebound late for the Suns that set up the game winner: “Second group came in and did a great job bringing us back in. We just fell short. Steve Nash hit the layup. That was a big defensive rebound we should have had right there. Probably could have got the shot, probably could have sealed the game.”

On rebounding: “It’s been a struggle the last couple games. We’ve been out rebounded by teams. They’ve taken advantage of our short size. It’s gonna take all five guys to go in there and rebound, including myself.”

On himself: “I mean, I just didn’t have the shots that I usually have. That’s about it.”

On how he feels: “I’m fine.”

On if Steve Nash’s defense was just too much for him to overcome: “Yeah I guess, if that’s what you want to say.”

On just taking one shot in the first half: “I just wasn’t open. Just trying to get my teammates goin’.”

On his made three in the fourth: “Umm, yeah. You know, the shot clock was going down. And it went in. So, that’s about it.”

That’s about it.

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  1. Maybe there’s something going on in his personal life – young guys have trouble compartmentalizing that kind of stuff. I doubt we’ll see that again this season, he’s got too much fire. It was frustrating that he didn’t get the ball at the end, although he wasn’t calling for it either.

  2. MatthewSchwendinger

    …speechless. As we didn’t have enough to speculate about, hope it doesn’t cost him an All-Star nod.

    • @MatthewSchwendinger I hate saying this but I doubt any Bucks players are going to get an All star nod. They aren’t “flashy” enough

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  4. No Bucks player deserves an all-star bid.

    What games have you been watching?

    This team is totally dysfunctional. The Lakers and Heat took them too lightly. Who can blame them?

    Brandon is depressed. He should see what being a Bucks season ticket holder is like.

    • @flyingking

      Did you come over here from If not, you’d be right at home there.

      Let’s not call this team dysfunctional yet. One starter and centerpiece is potentially out for the rest of the season, one possibly disgruntled player, and one borderline All-Star that had a zombie-like night. That doesn’t make dysfunctional.

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  6. Jennings has been a stalwart so far this season. He has been consistent, resilient and has played his game. He has one off night and people want to down him. The bucks as a team are not performing up to par on a consistent basis and the coach on up doesn”t seen to realize the team needs an inside presence. With Bogut getting sick or injured season after season, the bucks should have had a stand by center from jumpstreet, but they chose not to. Stephen Jackson is the one people should talk about, what is he doing but getting suspended every other game and not producing on a consistent basis when he is playing. Leave Brandon alone; his game will be back the next game-give him a break. Talk about the coaching staff…. the Buck stops there. Jennings is a great player and has tremendously improved this season. Jennings may not get an All Star bid because he is on a losing team, but he has my vote.

  7. Make that TWO off nights.

    I admire your hometown spirit. But Brandon isn’t a top ten point guard in the league.

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  11. Chris Paul, Rondo, Deron Will, Steve Nash, Russ Westbrook and James Harden, Monte Ellis, tyreke Evans,

    J. Kidd, Andre Miller, Lou Williams, john Wall, Kyrie Irving,Tony Parker, and soon–Jeremy Linn and Rubio, on assists alone. You are such a homer. Wake up. Brandon is a good kid with a fairly good, though immature attitude. He may be an all-star some day, but i doubt it will be as a Buck. You gotta be with a winner to be an all-star. Did you watch the NBA pre-game show tonight? Not one of those bozos had Brandon on their reserve list. They can’t agree on anything, but they all concur Brandon is no all-star. He’s gotta work harder.

    His D is non-existent. The only four NBA players he can consistently stop from scoring are his teammates.

    What’s really sad is, he IS the best Milwaukee Buck right now. There are 7 to 10 real superstars. The Bucks don’t have a top 30 player. Not my opinion. Look at the player power rankings. And take off your rose-colored glasses.

    • @flyingking ur list is ridiculous u’ve got James Harden, Evans and Ellis who are all Shooting guards on there. Jason Kidd is washed up, Miller is on the decline, Lou Williams (plus he’s combo guard) is good but not top 10 or better than Jennings, Wall leads the NBA’s worst team and turns the ball over constantly Irving has similar stats to Jennings and a worse record and is injury prone. Jeremy Lin has played 3 good games and Rubio can pass cool…..

      In this argument I never stated Jennings was an all star not once, but he is a top 10 NBA point guard here is my list.



      3.Williams (shouldnt be an all star cuz he’s on horrible team but still great player)

      4.Westbrook (combo guard but still)


      6.Rondo (I dont think Rondo is that good but to be objective i’ll put him here)

      7. Ty Lawson

      8. Jennings

      9. Tony Parker (My bias for Jennings could have factor there. Plus Parker has no outside shot and is a poor defender)

      10. Kyle Lowry (Do it all stat sheet stuffer guy for Playoff Calibur Team in Houston)

      Honorable Mention

      Lil’ Dell (product of system and team never wins)

      Ricky Rubio (will move up on the list im sure, but right now all he is is hype. He’s Jason Williams on the Kings minus the ability to shoot)

      Kyrie Irving (Has talent, can’t stay on the court)

      Darren Collison ( Very steady player but never wows with numbers good PG tho)

      Jrue Holiday (ditto with Collison)

      John Wall (explosive player hasnt done anything with his talents yet)

      Even with a bit of Bias to Jennings I see him Top 10 without much question and I think this is a fairly objective list. Critique it all you want but i stand firm by it

  12. good for you. combo guards count. they are listed as point guards on the NBA’s own website.

    Brandon is a pissant guard who is inconsistent at best. Hell, you’ve got guys like Lowry and Lawson, who i would also rate ahead of Jennings. Sorry, winning matters. Kidd and Miller are better.

    • @flyingking if winning is wht u are rating it on mostly I suppose that makes John Lucas 3rd a top 10 PG too right? or Derek Fisher? Ron Harper must be one of the greatest of all time

    • @flyingking

      James Harden and Monta Ellis are definitely not PGs. Jason Kidd and Andre Miller are on their last legs in their careers. I agree that Jennings is not yet a top-10 PG, but you sound more like a troll than a guy that really follows the league at this point.

      Before this past weekend, the word you could most associate with Brandon Jennings was consistent. If he stayed on the same pace in the last few games against TOR, PHO and CHI, he probably would have been an All-Star. But the AS game is a not a good barometer of how good a player is, because year after year proves it’s more a popularity contest than anything (Yao Ming a starter as a rookie? LOL!) Deron Williams clearly made it in on popularity and the size of his team’s market.

      Did you read the Feb. 1 Buck Hits? Probably not. Check out this article:

  13. Hey Teddddd and Marq. Your boy Brandon is falling out of the top 20 now. He blows.

    He hates it in Milwaukee, and will be outta here by summer.

    Save your loyalty for someone who’s worth it. Like a Ray Allen.