After reporters finished talking with Stephen Jackson, the pack moved to a dressing Brandon Jennings. He was short with his answers about his performance and seemed hell bent on getting away from the media without saying anything incriminating. When pressed about his game specifically, his eyes wandered up to the ceiling.

In short, if I’m going to be completely honest, Jennings didn’t speak like someone who was telling the truth. But for now, his motives on Tuesday night remain just that: His motives.

I won’t pin this on his relationship with management, or Coach Scott Skiles or Stephen Jackson or anyone else. Maybe he was annoyed with his teammates. Maybe he was bitter about the fan support last Saturday. We can’t say for sure because Jennings isn’t letting us in right now. But something was very different about his game on Tuesday night, no one imagined that. Just watch the first quarter again. He doesn’t dribble the ball inside the three-point arc for his entire stint. This wasn’t some superhuman defensive team either. Jennings attacked a much better team in Chicago just days ago with considerably more vigor.

Skiles said after the game that he thought Jennings looked, “disconnected.”

Here’s Jennings after his strange game.

On getting down big and the offensive rebound late for the Suns that set up the game winner: “Second group came in and did a great job bringing us back in. We just fell short. Steve Nash hit the layup. That was a big defensive rebound we should have had right there. Probably could have got the shot, probably could have sealed the game.”

On rebounding: “It’s been a struggle the last couple games. We’ve been out rebounded by teams. They’ve taken advantage of our short size. It’s gonna take all five guys to go in there and rebound, including myself.”

On himself: “I mean, I just didn’t have the shots that I usually have. That’s about it.”

On how he feels: “I’m fine.”

On if Steve Nash’s defense was just too much for him to overcome: “Yeah I guess, if that’s what you want to say.”

On just taking one shot in the first half: “I just wasn’t open. Just trying to get my teammates goin’.”

On his made three in the fourth: “Umm, yeah. You know, the shot clock was going down. And it went in. So, that’s about it.”

That’s about it.