Writing about Bucks-Bulls last night seems silly

Bulls were happy, Bucks were sad. (AP Photo/Jeffrey Phelps)

The Bulls were very happy on Saturday night. They won by a lot and dominated all 48 minutes of the game against the Bucks. Also, the crowd was absolutely in Chicago’s favor. There were MVP chants for Derrick Rose throughout the night. There was a chant, an embarrassing one, for Brian Scalabrine as the game wound down.

Rose either assisted or scored each of the Bulls first 15 points. Luol Deng made a triumphant return to the lineup. The Bucks fouled the Bulls just eight times despite Chicago’s repeated trips into the lane to the hoop.

Everything was bad.

Momentum from that Miami win? Gone. Hopes right now? Low.

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  1. MatthewSchwendinger

    I still have high expectations for our team. I really do. Maybe I’m a fool. You’re right, it was horrible, it still rots in my gut. Here’s a couple of things I just can’t let go of from this loss.

    1) One of the first things I learned playing basketball in high school, hell, even in middle school. FOLLOW YOUR SHOT. Jon Leuer is the ONLY one who follows their shot. Blown assignments all around. Also, contest a shot, get a hand in someone’s face. How many times did Korver sink a three with no one putting a hand up. Lazy defense. Can you imagine what Skiles was like in that locker room?!? At least I would hope he threw something or knocked down the Gatorade cooler.

    2) Mismanagement. You put the best line-up on the floor who gives you the best chance to win. Right? The substitutions coming off the bench SHOULD have been: Udrih, Ersan, Leuer, Dunleavy, and JACKSON. I don’t care if he’s about to get traded. I don’t care if he said, “I’m just collecting a check (paraphrase).” I don’t care if him and Skiles have knocked heads a time or two. YOU PLAY YOUR STUDS. Don’t get me wrong, I love that Skiles holds players accountable, but you have to play your studs. Harris is not better than Jackson. Leuer is not better than Jackson. It’s hard to know whats happening in the locker room, but even still, no professional athlete is going to take the court and suck on purpose; disgruntled players play all the time. Do you think DeMar Derozan LOVES playing for Toronto right now? Or John Wall in Washington? Losing sucks. In weird way, Skiles contributed to this loss.

    I’m sorry. This was a rant and particularly out of disbelief at the way we played last night. If you stuck through this post you are a trouper, thank you.

    • @MatthewSchwendinger The Jackson thing has reached a new level of strange after how poorly the team has played the last two games while he sat on the bench. The shot-following and poor contests were bad too.

      • MatthewSchwendinger

        @jeremyschmidt Yeah I didn’t of that. Played those 9 mins against the Heat (I think) and then he was gone again. The whole “Well we’re winning without him” excuse is over.

  2. I mean bottom line tho, the Bulls are just better, they’re the best team in the conference and arguably best in the NBA. And with Jennings in foul trouble Bucks had no chance, the Bulls fans in the BC was the hardest part for me to watch personally but at the same time selling out the Bradley Center is what is most important in the long run, if Bulls fans are gonna pay and Bucks fans won’t, so be it

  3. Best thing the Bucks can do is put the last two games behind them and start a winning streak again. Your only as good as your last win (as we found out) and only as bad as your last loss

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  6. it’s hard for me to say anything insightful about a loss but I am rooting hard for the bucks either way and hope they start a winning streak again