Buck Hits: Bogut and Jennings trade rumors, Ersan is a monster

Every so often, things get pretty busy for the Milwaukee Bucks.

Now is one of those times.

So I present to you, some information, thoughts and quotes.

– Ersan Ilyasova, part time basketball player and part time super-hero, after Milwaukee’s game on Friday when asked about his late game offensive rebounding prowess of late:

The offensive glass, it’s always give a hell of a first and second effort. I just push myself, it doesn’t matter if you’re tired or not, just go there and maybe bounce for you or not. So far, I get those balls. I’m just looking forward to getting some more.

– Ilyasova’s 31 and 12 last night pushed his averages over his past 10 games to 19.4 points and 10 rebounds per game on 57% shooting. Without question that’s been the best stretch of his career.

– Sam Amick writes that “for the right price” Brandon Jennings is available. Surely everyone is available for the right price, but sometimes teams go out of their way to make sure no one talks about one of their guys being available. The Bucks have long ago passed that point with everyone on this roster.

– The Golden State Warriors, potential trade partners for Andrew Bogut? This report says yes. Here’s the trade machine, go nuts. I’m still going to be pretty surprised if Bogut is traded, but this is probably as likely as it has ever been. Any scenario is reportedly going to require a team taking back Stephen Jackson and this report also threw Drew Gooden in the mix as a possible ship out candidate. Given his play offensively as of late, that’s a bit surprising.

No Deron Williams as the Bucks take on the Nets in New Jersey this evening. Last time they went there, Ilyasova had 29 and 25.

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  1. When I want them to be dialed in and mash their feet on the gas, they bomb. When I finally accept the idea of tanking it, they win three out of four, with a good shot at four out of five. Early in the season, I was eager to ship Ersan and give Jon Leuer his minutes. Now, parting will be such sweet sorrow. And until Thursday passes, I must prepare for the shock of losing anyone on the roster, including Bogut and Jennings, whom I have endeared myself to more than I should have.
    If there is one thing being a Bucks (and Minnesota Vikings) fan has taught me, it’s how to deal with disappointment. I’m dead serious. It’s prepared me for so many other adverse things in life that I wouldn’t have had the emotional and rational wherewithal to handle if I was say, a Packers/Lakers fan.
    Ramble over, thanks for reading. I won’t be terribly upset if we ship Bogut or Jennings, but let’s keep at least one of them to build around. I hate the idea that rebuilding means you have to get rid of every talented piece on the roster you have and start from scratch like a new franchise.

  2. Golden State has ZERO to trade us for Bogut. HORRIBLE idea. God, this team is stupid.
    I hope this never comes to fruition. Trade some folks? Sure. Trade for the sake of trade?

  3. This is the best realistic thing I could come up with and ugh…awful: http://games.espn.go.com/nba/tradeMachine?tradeId=6sb84oy 

  4. This season has been the first since the early to mid 2000’s I’ve actually found enjoyment in following bucks basketball (I was a huge Allen fan wearing 34 for every bball camp growing up). It seems trading talent is what MKE does best. What we received was hardly comparable to what we gave. The Glove stuck around for what a whole 28 games? and D Mason was a strong addition only we traded him within a few seasons too. 
    Primarily Jennings and Ersan of late are re-sparking interest and I highly doubt I’m the only one with this view. Trading either would be extremely foolish. The only argument I can think of as far as unloading Ersan is if they feel this is a trend that will not continue and we really cant afford to have another Delfino on the roster. 
    Bogut is unreliable and since its painfully obvious money is an issue with our team doesn’t that seem the logical choice to shed. Missing 96 games in his first 6 seasons! Besides I’m sure there are a few washed up end of career players out there we can get in return. 
    Jackson should be traded no matter what is received in return and to a team like DC or Charlotte. I’m sorry but athletes are like mercenaries paid to perform a job no matter the color of their jersey. How long can he seriously sit with a “sore hami” not to mention his attitude is horrible for someone who had to spend the first five years of his career in other leagues around the world to develop.

  5. I guess the Warriors have denied interest in Bogut, I think the Bucks need to trade Ersan tho because if they don’t he’s just gonna leave in the offseason anyway. I don’t mind the Bucks trading any1 on their roster aside from Jennings, he’s the franchise.

  6. MatthewSchwendinger

    I am working on the trade machine for a deal that includes Andrew Bogut, Captain Jack, Ersan Illysova for future 1st rounders, a young Center like Spencer Hawes, a young shooting guard like Anthony Morrow, a case of PBR and a Brockness Monster Burger from AJ Bombers…

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger I know Dwight wants to play with Cap’n Jack, but why in the world would Orlando include Anderson for him?

      •  @Kokothemonkey  @MatthewSchwendinger i doubt the Bucks make any trades to Orlando but if the Magic move Ryan Anderson b4 deadline it’s because they know they won’t be able to resign him for much, his contract expires and his value is high and Orlando is already waaaaay over the salary cap, that is only explanation i can think of as to why Orlando would trade Anderson

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger trading D-Will for Howard kinda negates the whole thing as they are trying to pair up to be one of those “Super Friends” teams.
      I saw an article where there was a deal with the Bucks, Rockets, Warriors ans Magic all in the mix, don’t recall exactly what all the pieces were. It was a deal if the Bucks could pull the trigger I would say would be a victory for Milwaukee tho

  7. The trades in the Golden State article are ludicrous. Bogut is a little more valuable than what the Warrior have to offer; the Warriors don’t have the pieces to make this work. The earlier Wiz/JaVale McGee reports were a little more compelling, though it’s interesting that the speculated trades all revolve around moving Bogut for a younger, albeit less proven center. If these are the real offers, I bet we stand pat.

    • MatthewSchwendinger

       @DarvinHam Golden State always has high-lottery picks. Thats why it makes sense sometimes. Think about it, which is better? A first rounder pick from the Warriors or a first round pick from the Bulls?

  8. So many of the trade seem to have us getting ripped off to get rid of Stephen Jackson–couldn’t we just amnesty him if things got really desparate?

  9. Hi Matthew (sorry, I can’t get reply to work), I would definitely take a first-rounder from the Warriors. The ibabuzz article had us getting Carlos Boozer (who sucks), Kwame’s expiring (who sucks), and Dorell Wright (who sucks now but might not suck in the future), or, the other proposed trade was Joe Johnson (whose contract sucks). I’d rather have Bogut b/c he didn’t suck for a little bit 2 years ago.

    • MatthewSchwendinger

       @DarvinHam  Yeah, I definitely don’t want Dorell Wright or Kwame Brown. I probably wouldn’t want Boozer either. Remember there’s stupid teams out there though… see: Kings who “wanted” John Salmons and his ridiculous contract from us…