Buck Hits: Bogut-Ellis trade reaction, Skiles and Bogut deny reports of problems

So much happening.

– Kelly Dwyer on this being useful for the Bucks.

– Frank Madden wonders what the plan is.

– Kevin Arnovitz said both teams shuffled the deck in this 5-on-5, but at least the Bucks got a wild card in Ekpe Udoh.

– John Hollinger sees the logic for Milwaukee and appreciates the salary cap savings (Insider).

– Matt Moore declares the Bucks a winner thanks to Udoh and the salary savings and Scott Skiles a loser thanks to his new backcourt’s defensive indifference in this deal.

– Zach Lowe isn’t sure of the long term plan for Milwaukee but says this helps in the short term.

– Gery Woelfel tweeted about the Skiles and Bogut mutual distaste, but both of them denied it.

– Zach Harper has so many graphs, but they are all about SWAG!

– Curtis Harris at Hardwood Paroxysm with some interesting Brandon Jennings/Monta Ellis numbers.

– Drew Olson introduces you to Ellis.


And here’s what we’ve written thus far:

– Me on the Bucks big moves since 2003 (it’s just a timeline).

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– Me on Monta Ellis and how he can fit with Brandon Jennings and the Bucks.

– Ian on Ekpe Udoh, useful if not eye-catching.

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  1. I am not a fan of all the negativity that is surrounding this trade. It sounds more like Bucks fans worried about the future of the Bucks in Milwaukee than the possibility of being competitive this year.
    As a west coaster I get to see Monta a lot during the year and the Bucks are getting, if nothing else, a dynamic scorer. He can play both backcourt positions and was an All-star snub this year. All I hear is how stagnant the Bucks offense has been. Yet when we get a proven commodity to help that all people are doing is tearing his game apart. Were the Bucks guards lock down defenders before this trade? No, so no loss there
    There has been very few perfect players in NBA history and he isn’t one of them. You can’t get an Ellis-caliber player without trading an Andrew Bogut quality player. And let’s examine my man Bogie.. As much as I love the fact that he was the cog that made the defensive machine go. But what was his claim to fame? Leading the league in blocks one year or being a top 5 rebounder? Those are all good things when the player is on the court. AB was cursed as a Buck.. It’s the truth.. If it wasn’t his fractured back, dislocated elbow, broken wrist, broken ankle.. than it was his back spasms or migraines.. Plus his offensive game has not recovered from the elbow/wrist injury.. I am going to miss him, but there is no question that Ellis is a better value.
    P.S. Ekpe Udoh’s offensive game is rawer than sushi, but he is a terrific low-post defender

    • PattiRafalskiDavison

       @JustinNixon Actually, we have some offensive power this year and with Ellis we should be in pretty good shape there.  Not worried about Ekpe scoring as long as he can stop the other teams from scoring in the paint at will.

  2. I am again going to state that I think we got the better end of the deal IMHO of course

  3. The biggest issue is this:  Most fans (or maybe just me) were hoping for a major rebuild.  Get worse now to get better later by trading Bogut for draft picks, etc.  Instead we actually got better players on the floor for this season which likely pushes us out of early draft picks this year.  We’re not going to do anything impressive with this roster and minor additions.  It just pushes the rebuild further off.  The Bucks did the opposite of what I was hoping for.  
    I will miss Bogut.  He was the centerpiece of the organization and didn’t complain about being in Milwaukee.  Good luck to you Mr. Class.  That said, I’m excited for a new beginning, even if it wasn’t what I wanted.  I just hope short term gain doesn’t mean long term loss.