So much happening.

– Kelly Dwyer on this being useful for the Bucks.

– Frank Madden wonders what the plan is.

– Kevin Arnovitz said both teams shuffled the deck in this 5-on-5, but at least the Bucks got a wild card in Ekpe Udoh.

– John Hollinger sees the logic for Milwaukee and appreciates the salary cap savings (Insider).

– Matt Moore declares the Bucks a winner thanks to Udoh and the salary savings and Scott Skiles a loser thanks to his new backcourt’s defensive indifference in this deal.

– Zach Lowe isn’t sure of the long term plan for Milwaukee but says this helps in the short term.

– Gery Woelfel tweeted about the Skiles and Bogut mutual distaste, but both of them denied it.

– Zach Harper has so many graphs, but they are all about SWAG!

– Curtis Harris at Hardwood Paroxysm with some interesting Brandon Jennings/Monta Ellis numbers.

– Drew Olson introduces you to Ellis.


And here’s what we’ve written thus far:

– Me on the Bucks big moves since 2003 (it’s just a timeline).

– Me on the Bucks doing the same thing they always do.

– Me on Monta Ellis and how he can fit with Brandon Jennings and the Bucks.

– Ian on Ekpe Udoh, useful if not eye-catching.

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