02/20/12 Bucks v. 76ers

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03/07/12 Bucks v. Bulls

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Marc Stein: 28
John Hollinger: 22 24


This may be absolutely nothing. But it may also foreshadow the team’s long term future at head coach. Scott Skiles has put his Wisconsin home up for sale.

Gery Woelfel ponders what the Bucks might do with Ersan Ilyasova, mentioning that he might be able to net $5 million per year tax free back home in Turkey. Ersan has had a rocky career as a Buck, both in performance and desire to be a part of the team, but there’s no denying his stellar play as of late. Will the Bucks let him walk like the Villanueva’s and Sessions’ of the world?

Rumors swirled that Kyrylo Fesenko was a possible mid-season signing for the Bucks to fill their gaping void at center, but Woelfel is reporting that the Bucks aren’t that interested anymore. What does that mean? MORE DREW GOODEN!

Stephen Jackson continues to verbalize his desire to be anywhere not named Milwaukee. He told that Chicago, “would be a great fit for me.”  When Coach Thibodeau was asked about Jackson, Tom replied,  “He’s a talented player, but I have enough to worry about with our team.” Does anyone want sJax? Please?

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