Chad Ford on Bucks trade rumors

Looking for the Bucks to break it up? Chad Ford doesn’t offer you lots of hope in his latest chat on

Gary (Simi Valley)

Chad I’ll buy you a beer and a bratwurst if you give me any kind of Bucks trade rumor. They need to blow it up, right?

Chad Ford

(1:31 PM)

Don’t drink … so the beer is out of the question. But yeah, they need to break it up. The problem for them is … what are their trade assets? They want to hold onto Bogut and Jennings. Everyone else is available … but who on that roster really gets them anything of value? Illyasova might be the best shot … but he won’t bring back a game changer … might just be able to offer some salary relief.

Trade assets are the most obvious problem, as Ford points out. As many have been saying, Ilyasova seems like the most valuable asset the team has outside of Bogut and Jennings, but Ford doesn’t even mention the idea of a first round pick for him. That’s disconcerting.

Salary relief seems like a pretty unappealing option for a guy who is regularly grabbing better than 10 rebounds.

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  1. Would it be that crazy to trade Jennings? After this new CBA, the hometeam’s biggest advantage in re-signing players really only occurs at the max level. Jennings isn’t a max-contract talent. I think our odds of re-signing him next year aren’t good. He may not have more value than he does right now. Why not trade him?

    •  @DarvinHam cuz he is the face of the franchise and if he is traded all the casual Bucks fans will be pissed off and stop buying tickets and merchandise, etc. He’s the closest thing the Bucks will have to a superstar for the next 10 years. They’re most certainly the little fish in the big pond and despite Brandon’s small stature, he’s the biggest fish they’ll be able to hold on to

      • MatthewSchwendinger

         @Teddddd Right now he’s the face of the franchise. I really dont think he’ll stay UNLESS serious talent gets built around him. I think about what he said a month or so ago as not so much “I’m out,” but more of “Seriously? Get me some serious, good solid players, not injury prone “once good” players”
        Know who’s really disappointed me this year? Delfino. I dont know, I just expected more from him. There’s nights he has less than 5… C’mon..

        •  @MatthewSchwendinger i think he’ll stay cuz Milwaukee will overpay him and he likes to be “the guy” and this is one of the few places where he can be. I’m an avid Carlos hater, but if he stuck to what he is good at (On-ball D and Spot up shooting) im cool with him. It’s when he tries to do too much on offense and has nights where he goes 1-11. He shoots the basketball like he is trying to prove to every1 he is a good shooter. He thinks too highly of himself on the court and that is what makes him successful in the NBA but his overconfidence is also what i think his downfall is.
          Still great defender though can’t take that away from him, and he is a good shooter when he’s open, I just dont like him creating for himself. That’s just my opinion tho

        • MatthewSchwendinger

           @Teddddd I don’t think Milwaukee will pay for him if he turns into a jerk (like the night he found out he didn’t make the All*Star team, those kind of performances are inexcusable). And if you don’t believe me…see: Jackson, Stephen.

        •  @MatthewSchwendinger i wouldnt say that was him being a jerk, i think it was more just him being pouty and a bit immature, despite being a star NBA player sometimes we forget that he is only 22 years old and spent most of his life playing basketball and might not necessarily know how to act right in some instances cuz he is still young and doesnt have the life experiences yet. He probably hasnt had to face a whole lot of rejection in his life and i can imagine that hit him pretty hard. Having said that, I think he has learned and matured even more from that situation and it has fueled him to work harder if anything.
          I dont think Jennings should be making Michael Redd money, but I wouldnt mind the Bucks paying him about what they paid Bogut, maybe even a little more actually

        • MatthewSchwendinger

           @Teddddd Bogut makes too much though for what he’s given us + injuries. I know what you mean about Jennings though…when I was reading your thoughts on him & rejection I just pictured him in a Milwaukee club with Joe Wolf of course as his wingman, “Sup baby! I play for the Milwaukee Bucks…” “No way…”

  2. Don’t believe everything these so-called experts say.  Most of them are not any smarter about the Bucks than the average fan in Milwaukee/Wisconsin that actually pays attention to this team night in and night out.  

  3. The BC can’t even get 8,000 people to watch the Jennings-led Bucks.
    Trading him or ANYONE on the roster won’t make a difference . Interest is at an all-time low now.
    They need to dive-bomb and get a top five pick. Beating Philly was stupid. There’s no way or point in making the playoffs. And when the Bucks only come close, and wind up drafting 11th, they’ll be in the same dumb-ass position they’re in now.

    •  @flyingking more people will watch the Jennings led Bucks then trading him away and watching the Andre Drummond, Jeremy Lamb, Harrison Barnes, or Thomas Robinson show. Jennings has appeal and personality off of the court that the Bucks will never be able to match. Bucks will end up with Bradley Beal or perhaps some other capable rookie NBA SG. With the exception of Anthony Davis no1 in this draft is sum1 u want to build ur franchise around.
      There are alot of solid prospects outside the 1-3 picks that are more or less set in stone but picks from 4-11 are all good players.

  4. I don’t know, maybe you guys know more about the new CBA than I do, but is there any advantage to being the hometeam when re-signing a non-max contract player? My reasoning is we should avoid what the Magic have with Howard, and what the Nuggets had with Carmelo–where they waited until the contract year to unload the player, meaning they didn’t have the same leverage, and probably didn’t get the return that they probably would’ve gotten if they would’ve done it earlier (since every GM in the league knows that the team has to move the player). With Brandon, his value is high right now, but will only decrease as his contract year approaches.
    I like him as a player–he’s still so young, and I hope we have the organization to develop his talent. He’s just so frusturating, he’s such a contradiction. He’s one of the fastest players in the league, but he can’t finish at the rim! His biggest strength is nullified–it’s like if Blake Griffin had no arms.

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