Looking for the Bucks to break it up? Chad Ford doesn’t offer you lots of hope in his latest chat on ESPN.com.

Gary (Simi Valley)

Chad I’ll buy you a beer and a bratwurst if you give me any kind of Bucks trade rumor. They need to blow it up, right?

Chad Ford

(1:31 PM)

Don’t drink … so the beer is out of the question. But yeah, they need to break it up. The problem for them is … what are their trade assets? They want to hold onto Bogut and Jennings. Everyone else is available … but who on that roster really gets them anything of value? Illyasova might be the best shot … but he won’t bring back a game changer … might just be able to offer some salary relief.

Trade assets are the most obvious problem, as Ford points out. As many have been saying, Ilyasova seems like the most valuable asset the team has outside of Bogut and Jennings, but Ford doesn’t even mention the idea of a first round pick for him. That’s disconcerting.

Salary relief seems like a pretty unappealing option for a guy who is regularly grabbing better than 10 rebounds.

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