It seems a lot like an Andrew Bogut trade will happen

We may never see a new picture of Bogut and Jennings on the Bucks again after Thursday. (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)

Another report, this one from CBS’ Ken Berger last night, has Andrew Bogut possibly on his way out of town.

The Warriors are discussing ways to acquire center Andrew Bogut from Milwaukee as part of a complicated, three-team proposal that would send Monta Ellis to Orlando, multiple league sources told

Berger goes on to mention the Rockets and Wizards as two other teams that could make a play for Bogut. That story originally mentioned the possibility of picks, Sam Dalembert and Courtney Lee coming over to the Bucks with Bogut and Stephen Jackson heading to Houston, but the current version of the story says Houston has backed away from Bogut discussions.

There have also been reports that Bogut has asked for a trade, but as of now, that’s yet to be confirmed.

A Warriors source told the San Francisco Chronicle says all of the rumors, Bogut to the Warriors rumors included, are “nothing more than hype.”

But where there is smoke, there’s often some fire.

And this Bogut rumor situation is as smokey as it has ever been. There have been talks of team wide tension over the past two seasons. A lot of the blame for performance and locker room issues has been thrust upon Corey Maggette and Stephen Jackson, but it seems like there might be other problems. If that’s true, that’s damning for Skiles. One of the things he has most had in his favor since starting with the Bucks has been the support of his two stars, Bogut and Brandon Jennings. Jennings has been acting strange since mid-January when things turned ugly for his teammate Jackson.

His effort hasn’t been there all the time and Skiles hasn’t always been pleased with him. He bizarrely claimed he was doing research on bigger markets earlier this season too.

Reports both have Jennings available and unavailable. .

But there’s little dispute at this point that Milwaukee is listening and encouraging conversation about Andrew Bogut. The years of injuries and the team’s false starts over the past two seasons have left them with little choice but to do it. The incentive to remove Jackson from the equation as soon as possible has only served as gasoline on the Bogut trade  rumor fire. Milwaukee appears ready to do anything it can to get Jackson out of the locker room. If he isn’t traded, it doesn’t seem out of the question that he’ll simply be sent home.

The desire to remove him could be the team’s last stab at keeping Jennings happy and in Milwaukee for the foreseeable future, but the whispers about his future continue to place him outside of Milwaukee.

But  is the team desperate enough to move Jackson that they’ll accept only a couple of picks and salary cap relief in a package that includes Andrew Bogut?

I guess we’ll find out Thursday.

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  1. I have no idea where I fall on this topic. I love Bogut but he has only really put together the 2009-2010 season as a complete above average effort. Jennings seems have great moments but then be a mediocre shooter and passer on other (most) nights. Jackson seemed to have his mind set on getting out of Milwaukee before he got here. If all these guys get traded for picks and pieces can you build a team around Ersan and (Gooden???)

  2. MatthewSchwendinger

    i wish Mark Attanasio owned the Bucks…
    Dalembert would be interesting, I really have no desire for Courtney Lee. He’s less than mediocre…

  3. MatthewSchwendinger

    Ok, the Magic are vowing to get a key player down there for Dwight…
    Stephen Jackson & Jon Brockman to Orlando for Ryan Anderson, straight up.

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger I can’t see the Magic doing this even if Dwight has some bro crush on Jax, Anderson is their second best player right now.

      • MatthewSchwendinger

         @Wombat02 Probably not. I just really want Ryan Anderson. Now you know my horrible secret…I have a bro crush on Anderson in a Milwaukee jersey.

        • MatthewSchwendinger

           @Wombat02 This is also similar to my Anthony Morrow crush in a Milwaukee jersey.

  4. Every one of these Bogut trades sucks for Milwaukee.
    Keep him or trade for a top 5 draft choice.

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