Wojnarowski: Bucks agree in principle to trade with Warriors

The Bucks were willing to do anything to get rid of Stephen Jackson after all.

This doesn’t look like much now, but if the rumors are to be believed, this could possibly be part of a process to get Monta Ellis to the Orlando Magic. Kwame Brown could have been thrown in the deal to make the numbers work. He is coming off the books at the end of the season. And Ekpe Udoh is an interesting case in the plus/minus stat: every time he enters the floor, his team goes on a run. His adjusted plus/minus for the year is 10.78 which is pretty impressive for a team as bad as the Warriors.

And so ends the Andrew Bogut era in Milwaukee. It was an era fraught with promising starts and rampant stops. Good luck to him, but the organization had to move away from a centerpiece that could never stay on the court.

The deal will be completed later tonight.

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  1. I will miss you Bogie.. You never quite reached your potential as a Buck, mostly because of injuries.. That being said we now have a back court capable of sixty points on any given night(probably shooting 30% though).. This could be exciting

  2. As much as this is good value for Bogs, this team now has even less centers.  Also the defensive identity of the team is probably out the window. Time for run and gun and maybe no more skiles.

    •  @Wombat02 I say if Gooden can play center then Udoh can definitely play center.. And we don’t know if we were gonna see AB play again this season anyways

    •  @Wombat02 
      Well it’s not like Milwaukee lost an active center in the trade, at least. But yeah, the days of Milwaukee being known as the Gates of Hell on defense are done. Defense, we hardly knew ya.

      •  @Marq I had not read anything about Udoh prior to that post. It seems as though he can play some 5 but is a natural 4 with defensive presence.  

  3. We traded a complete malcontent with a bad contract, and a guy who was always injured for a guy who averages 20, a young center with potential and an expiring contract. I feel bad seeing the big Aussie go, but I think we got the better end of this deal.

  4. It’s exciting…I will miss Bogut but we definitely got good value for him I am excited to see how Jennings and Ellis coexists if nothing else happens

  5. We may be trading away a big man who is a former no. 1 pick, but we’re getting back a big man who is a former no. 1 pick!
    (obviously I’m joking. It’s sad that the Internet requires a disclaimer.

  6. This is definitely easier with Bogut missing a lot of time the last two seasons..   Still a bitter pill to swallow..

  7. John Hammond is a stupid idiot.
    I hope this team leaves town.
    What an incredibly bad deal for milwaukee.
    But it did save management money.
    Selfish, stupid, and i give ellis a week here. Assuming he isn’t packaged in another trade.

  8. I wonder if this means Jennings may be moved this offseason?  It just seems to me like the next logical step.

  9. I like the trade. The bucks biggest need was an athletic SG and closer and now they have just that in Monta Ellis. Also, from what I’ve read Udoh is coming around as player, especially on the defensive side.

  10. Bogut was the best player the Bucks have had since Ray Allen. I hate that we traded him away for a high volume, inefficient, no-defense gunner. Seven footers who can guard the rim like Bogs are a rare, rare thing — even rarer in Milwaukee, considering we can’t sign any free agents of consequence. When healthy, he was among the best defensive centers in the NBA, second only to Dwight Howard IMHO.
    No doubt, the past two injury-plagued years have been frustrating as a Bucks fan, but I think it’s far from fair to label Bogut as ‘injury prone.’ Greg Oden is injury prone, as it’s obvious his knees and lower extremities can’t handle the pounding of an 82 game season. I see Bogut’s injuries more along the lines of extremely unfortunate luck, not as a consequence of his body breaking down from the wear and tear of the season. The broken arm was the most fluky injury I’ve ever seen in the NBA and breaking an ankle like that is a common thing, happening to one or two players in the league per year. It’s just a matter of bad luck coming down on someone else’s foot like that.

    •  @mandersonMN It was not just the last two years Bogut was injured it was 5 out of 7 years he played in the NBA. Back and ankle/foot issues in 7 footers tend to linger and reoccur. 
      I too loved Bogut, he was a great person for Milwaukee and a very good player. But now instead of starting every year with ‘if Bogut can stay healthy’ there will be questions about talent and coaching, i.e. the NBA norm.