Buck Hits: National TV Edition

Currently on the outside looking in, the Milwaukee Bucks get their first taste of basic cable national television coverage in a game that very well may dictate if they are still playing come May. So if you can’t make it down to the Bradley Center tonight, make sure you catch a glimpse of the Bucks on national television.  It’ll hopefully be the first of at least (but probably no more than) five.


04/09/12 Bucks v. Thunder

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnline, Brewhoop, Behind the Buck Pass

Power Rankings

Marc Stein: 18
John Hollinger: 13
NBA.com: 16


A fantastic look at Mbah a Moute by Hickory High.

Speaking of Milwaukee’s favorite Cameroon hoopster, Moute recently helped a man propose to his girlfriend. SPOILER: she said yes.

Almost in harmonic fashion, the second the Bucks put together a solid month of basketball, the new arena issue makes the Journal Sentinel. While merely pointcounterpoint thusfar, the Journal is doing their best to keep the pot stirring.

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