Buck Hits: searching for another 6 game winning streak

The Bucks are more or less in the same spot they were in a week ago. On the outside looking in. This time, they face the grimm reality of A.) having to go 6-0 to earn their playoff spot or B.) relying on Philly or New York to lose much more than they do. Squeaking into the playoffs is not out of the question, but had they defeated New York last week or Indiana on Saturday, they’d be in a much safer place right now.


04/09/12 Bucks v. Pacers

Box Score

Analysis: JSOnline, Brewhoop

Power Rankings

Marc Stein: 17
John Hollinger: 13
NBA.com: 18


Charles Gardner of JSOnline talks about the Bucks’ recent road success (8 of last 9) coupled with their recent home failures (0 of last 3). Gardner also DEVOTED AN ENTIRE ARTICLE TO LARRY SANDERS. Don’t let it go to your head, Larry.

Much has been said about the Bucks’ transition from defensive stopper to offensive¬†juggernaut, from Gardner’s take to newly acquired bucks.com writer Alex Boeder’s perspective, but the proof is really in the numbers. Ranked 1st in assists and 5th in points per game, Skiles has shown his ability to lead a selfless, fast paced offense. The Bucks have given up on defense, however, allowing 98.7 points per game, good for 21st worst in the league.

Steve Von Horn over at Brewhoop compiled his wish-list for a non-playoff bound Bucks team. In four words: Develop the young guys.

Jake McCormick at Behind the Buck Pass gives Mike Dunleavy some well deserved man-love.

The obligatory remaining games table is below (everyone cheer hard for the Cavs):

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