The Bucks underwhelmed last night in their 95-90 victory over the seven win Charlotte Bobcats. To say the least, Scott Skiles was disappointed in his team.

Byron Mullens’s big night, 31 points and 14 rebounds, baffled him.

“Yeah, nothing against Mullens, but he looked like Bill Russell out there.”

The Bucks’ pre-game preparation seemed to be a red flag for him before the game and ended up playing out poorly when the ball was tipped.

“Our preparation this morning wasn’t good, we weren’t good to start the game, defense was terrible and we won. Yippee.”

He felt the Bucks were pretty much out played in every area.

“They were quicker than us most of the whole game, they were bigger than us most of the whole game, they had better hands than us most of the game, executed better than us most of the game, but, we made enough plays to win.”

And again, offensive rebounds hurt the team. Charlotte grabbed 17 offensive boards one game after allowing 21 to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

“I’ve said it many times: There are times we know we have a lack of size in there. It’s not like we’re going to get every defensive rebound or we’re never going to give up an offensive rebound or some second chance points, things like that. We’ve simplified it to – Are we even making an attempt to jump for the ball. I don’t think that’s a high bar.”

As far as being satisfied with a win just for the sake of having a win because they needed one this late in the season, well, Skiles wasn’t really buying into that idea either.

“It depends on what your standard is as a human being. I think you can. I told the guys, I’m not going home happy tonight and I don’t think they should either. I think they should be a little bit disgusted by it and whatever they did to prepare today they need to do something different tomorrow.”