Buck Hits: Offseason Edition

Welcome to the offseason. Speculation on the team and it’s personnel has officially begun. Some actual news, too. So while players pack up and leave the city, we’re left here to figure out what’s next.

Luc Mbah a Moute will undergo surgery on his right knee and Carlos Delfino will undergo surgery to repair a tear in his groin.

Jim over at OnMilwaukee.com talked to the newest, youngest members of the Bucks to get their take on the team as well as the city. Then pondered the extend or trade Brandon Jennings scenario that is on the horizon.

Charles Gardner at JSOnline graded each member of the Milwaukee Bucks. Only one A (Ilyasova) and one F (Jackson) were awarded.

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  1. PattiRafalskiDavison

    Thanks for the updates.  Liked the On Milwaukee interviews.  Folks will love interacting with these guys at Summerfest and around town.  Woo Hoo!

  2. Really liking the words that are coming out of Brando and Scottie’s mouth right now.. they seem very enthusiastic about the future.. I am not ready to hand point guard duties off to Monta.. don’t believe that is who he is.. And i do believe that Leuer and Harris should have received an Incomplete also

  3. I liked this article and the links provided. I was glad to see that Ersan earned himself an “A” for the season and I think he totally deserves it. I really hope the Bucks front office makes it a huge off-season priority to re-sign him because he is still a very young athlete with lots of good years ahead of him! 

  4. I’m sure most of you thought of this already, but it just dawned on me…  We could have been the #8 seed, we could be the ones going into the second round of the playoffs after D Rose got hurt, and then Joakim Noah (although I doubt the Milwaukee crowd would have cheered when he did).  Can you imagine that?  I guess that’s why they say the playoffs is a “new season”.  Of course, the turn of events would have been entirely different, and the bulls would have stayed healthy knowing our luck, but still… How sweet would that have been.

    • PattiRafalskiDavison

       @Bizzucks How close we came to being in this first round instead of 76ers.  The Bulls fans sure enjoyed taking over Bradley Center when they were healthy and Bucks were not.  It would have been sweet for Bucks team to be able to silence them in the Playoffs.  Would have been the perfect prescription for what ails them.  Well, that and Tyson Chandler.

  5. Nowhere else to put this so I’ll put here: can everyone please do their part to stop the misinformation being spread about Monta Ellis?  Say what you will about his advanced stats, but when I see things like “40% shooter” and “20 points on 20 shots guy,” I want to tear my eyes out.
    He is a career 46.4% shooter (provided without comment, career shooting percentages: Kobe 45.3%, Joe Johnson 44.4%, Ray Allen 45.2%, Rose 46.4%, Terry 44.8%, Vince Carter 44.4%, Kevin Martin 44.3%, Danny Granger 43.8%, Mayo 43.3%, Gay 45.6%, Westbrook 43.0%, Lou Williams 42.1%, Tyreke Evens, 44.1%, Devin Harris 44.1%).
    Yearly fga/ppg for Ellis: 13.1/16.5, 15.1/20.2, 17.2/19.0, 22.0/25.5, 20.1/24.1, 19.0/21.9, 16/17.6.

  6. Bucks offseason hypothetical trade mongering.
    B Jennings for Josh Smith
    Improves Bucks rebounding and scoring.
    Pretty high defensive rating
    Would allow Beno to run the point in a more true PG style. 
    Gooden could start at C if the Bucks can’t find another one in free agency 

    • What you don’t like that one, how about an even MORE impossible trade scenario:
      Jennings, Tobias, Sanders and two first round picks for Dwight.
      Starting 5 would most likely be:
      with veterans to fill the gaps

      •  @Wombat02 pretty sure he has a no-trade clause, so that ain’t happening

        •  @JustinNixon Perhaps you are unaware of the meaning of the word ‘impossible’ ?

        •  @Wombat02 I apologize.. In that case I would trade Gooden and Beno for Wolverine and the ghost of Wilt Chamberlain.. I know Wolverine would probably want to dominate the ball, but nobody is going to want to defend him

        • PattiRafalskiDavison

           @JustinNixon  @Wombat02 As much as I like Wolverine, the scouting reports say that he has ‘bad hands’.  Bucks need the Hulk!