Buck Hits: Stadiums and Rumors

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you already know that the Bradley Center is now the BMO Harris Bradley Center. Whether people still call it the BC, go to BBC, or call it “The Bank”, remains to be seen but what’s huge about this name change is that it gives the arena enough capital to make it a few more years. Hopefully enough time for the economy to improve and to convince the city of Milwaukee that it’s a good thing having a pro sports team in town (why that’s so difficult I will never know). What’s still flying under the radar is that it sounds like the Bucks are looking to sign a multi-year lease with the Bradley Center in the wake of ┬áthe sponsorship. Previously, the Bucks signed one year deals with the BC and actually played this one without a lease whatsoever. Locking the Bucks up keeps them in Milwaukee for the short term, again buying the city time to come around. Bucks fans should be relieved for now, but this situation isn’t going away anytime soon.

The offseason is always a time to speculate, and while the Bucks aren’t usually making rumor mill headlines on a national level, there are some local grumblings that the Bucks coaching position might not be as concrete as we thought. Gery Woelfel is reporting that the Orlando Magic might have interest in Scott Skiles. The Magic, who fired their coach Stan Van Gundy on Monday, have much love for Skiles from his playing days. While this would probably be a best case scenario for the Bucks, I find it hard to believe the Magic would replace a hard-nosed, no BS coach like Van Gundy, with another hard nosed coach like Skiles. A player’s coach seems like a more probable fit in an effort to appease and retain Dwight Howard.

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  1. With all the solid stone and few windows that make up the bmo harris bradley center, why not call it “the vault.” Sounds better than “the bank”

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