Bucks will draft 12th – Could Perry Jones III be on the way?

The lottery has been decided. The Milwaukee Bucks will pick 12th, which was 97% likely, so no one should be surprised.

In general, yesterday was miserably disappointing and predictable. I told myself I wouldn’t even watch the envelopes on display. Why bother? Math told me nothing exciting would happen, especially when it came to the Bucks. I watched anyway and immediately turned into a four-year-old. As soon as they cut to Adam Silver, I started yelling, “COME ON!” and hoped something insane would happen.

Seconds later the ESPN cameras cut to a smiling John Hammond claiming the 12th pick as Mark Jones (I think?) reminded us that the Bucks have missed the playoffs five out of the past six years.

I don’t need that sort of abuse.

So I moved onto the internet to read some columns about how regardless of who won the lottery, there was a way people would be able to claim conspiracy. The two articles I read both either don’t mention the Bucks or specifically say, if the Bucks won, no way would anyone claim conspiracy, because no one cares about the Bucks. Sigh.

But it’s time to move on, past hoping for ping pong balls to fall in an impossible way and start hoping for something more probable: a rotation player. Expectations are important now and setting them too high would probably be a mistake. Looking back over the past five drafts helps paint a picture of what the Bucks can expect at number 12.
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That is a strikingly average group of NBA players. People always say after the first few picks the draft is a crap shoot. Based on glancing at these guys, I’d disagree. I’d say the Bucks are almost certain to find a rotation player at 12. Teams seem to have gotten better at drafting guys who will, at the very least, stick around in the league. Of this group, only Julian Wright won’t be in the league next season.

It’s probably also safe to say the Bucks won’t find a star. Rodney Stuckey looks like he’s probably the ceiling, though I’m sure some would argue Thaddeus Young is better than him. Either way, that’s the kind of guy the Bucks could “strike gold” with. I suppose that’s more like striking bronze.

Charles F. Gardner spoke with Hammond after the drawing and the Bucks general manager was both realistic and optimistic.

“You go in with some hope and anticipation,” Bucks general manager John Hammond said in a phone interview after the lottery concluded at ABC’s Times Square Studios in New York. “But then you look at the odds, and a reality check says we’ll stay at 12, and we did.”

Hammond said the Bucks entered the night thinking they could get a good player in the No. 12 spot and “we ended the night feeling the same.”

So who are the early candidates? We’ll do our due diligence as workouts commence and things start to take shape, but early favorites include Perry Jones III and Tyler Zeller.

ESPN: Jones
Draft Express: Jones
NBADraft.net: Zeller

Of the mock drafters, ESPN’s Chad Ford has the kindest things to say about the enigmatic Jones:

The Bucks gambled a few years ago on Brandon Jennings, and it paid off big time. At this point in the draft, Jones is less risk and more reward.

For more on the swingman, I present to you a video put together by Phoenix Suns blog Valley Of the Suns Mike Schmitz:

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Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball.com.

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  1. Hypothetical trade idea #238…
    Beno + Monta + #12 pick to the Lakers for Gasol. 

  2. Also I can’t explain the large gap in t he middle of this post. There’s no reason it should be there judging from the back end I’ve looked at.

  3. Bucks could really use Jones, he might be a bust but if he falls to #12 who cares, he’s easily worth the gamble. He’d fit in well with Ellis and Jennings running the floor, and if Skiles can get him to play a little bit of defense it’s worth it. If I’m Hammond I trade up to make sure I get him. He’s not gonna be Bucks GM next year so I dont think he’ll mind shopping the 2014 1st round pick and this years #12 to move up to let’s say #7 for New Orleans. Find a shooter in the 2nd round and id call that a successful draft.
    Lots of good veteran Centers in Free Agency no point in taking a guy like Zeller or Leonhard when you can sign a guy who has already prove himself.
    Next big question is who should be amnestied? Udrih or Gooden?
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      •  @Wombat02 Quite a bit of Jquery error. Also, I think Jones might be fun. Bucks don’t need more “rotation guys”, need to try and hit home runs now.

    •  @Teddddd 
      No point in amnestying Udrih when he’s on the last year of a contract. I’d also give Gooden one more year to see if he can have a season like this one and bait some team on the verge of making the playoffs into taking him off our hands while trying to hold down my laughter.

  4. Bucks should go for a guy like Jermey Lamb…At least he has good upside with a reasonable floor.  He could end up being a very decent shooting guard in the league and he has good size.  He would also make Monta or Brandon expendable before the trade deadline.  Also, I would not go for guy like a Perry Jones or Andre Drummond.  Guys who have great “upside” with moderate to low production in college rarley work out.  I am certain a guy like Royce White who will go somewhere in the 20’s will have a better career than Perry Jones.

    • I think Jones is worth it simply because the Bucks have nothing to lose, if the guy falls to #12 and is a bust oh well…if the guy turns out to be anything above an average rotation player i’d call that a win.
      worst case scenario the guy can provide some energy and excitement. A few months ago I heard an analyst compare him to McGrady…I think that’s a huge stretch but their styles of play and build are similar. My guess is that he turns out to be a Tim Thomas-esque player. Always had the talent to be great relied on his talent too much but he was still a player as a fan you were satisfied with having on your team.

  5. MatthewSchwendinger

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…. Jones is a classic case of bust. If Zeller is there, we must take him. We NEED a Center; not another Power Forward. Leuer, Gooden, Moute, Ersan (pending), Harris, etc. We have too many.

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger PJ3 is not going to be a PF in the NBA he will be a SF. He’s more of a perimeter guy than and guy who is going to stand in there and hang with the big boys. But that doesn’t mean I want the Bucks to pick him. I really have no idea, some guys are boom or bust and when is the right time to take a chance? The 12th pick seems like it is worth gambling.

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger if the Bucks want a Center I think they should trade down and get Fab Melo, he’s got good instincts as a shot blocker, Zeller is certainly more polished on the offensive end, but Bucks need post D and Zeller doesnt really bring that to the table

  6. A few opinions as folks think about trades, etc…
    1. We’ll see a much more consistent and aggressive Monta in November once he gets a full training camp with the team.  I’d love to keep him around for a few years.
    2. Gooden may never have more value than he does today.  If Monta returns to the offensive form that we know he has, I’d rather ship Gooden and shore up our post D and O glass with Harris (please gain 20 lbs), Udoh and, say, Zeller.  Too many SGs and SFs found gold in the pop up zone this past season when Drew was on patrol.
    3. If we’re going to gamble in the draft, might as well reach for Fab Melo.  He won’t get abused on the offensive glass like Jones.  I don’t believe Jones will “learn” to play with constant gusto.
    4. A second coming of Tim Thomas gives me night sweats.

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  9. So Jones is an athletic 3–the NBA is fuuuuuuuuuull of athletic 3s. We need a big, defensive 5 more than anything. Can’t we draft that instead?

    •  @DarvinHam The question may be then who is the big defensive 5 that is available at #12 that you would like?
      Analysis comments info based on the espn player profiles
      Zeller – Not that strong or known for defense.Moultrie – Spends too much time on perimeter.
      Leonard –   Good rebounder, shot blocker, defender. Raw offensively but long and athletic.
      Melo – Big, strong shot blocker, rebounder, defender. Very raw offensively and low bball IQ.

  10. MatthewSchwendinger

    People, if we draft Perry Jones or someone like that…who will play Center for us next year? Wouldn’t you say that’s our greatest need?