David Stern encouraged Jim Goldstein to buy the Bucks

Jim Goldstein, former potential owner of the Milwaukee Bucks.

If you watch a lot of NBA playoff games, there’s a good chance you watch a lot of Jim Goldstein. If you’ve seen The Big Lebowski, you’ve seen his house. If you’ve been in Europe lately, you’ve probably seen his face on a shirt.

The man is a legend in his own time. And he’s taking the time to chat with GQ about what it’s like to do things like attend 24 playoff games in 23 nights.

But he’s not just talking about his travels. No, he’s filling us in on what it’s like to be the NBA’s most legendary fan and regaling us with stories of years past. Like the one about David Stern encouraging him to buy the Milwaukee Bucks.

WHAT?! Yup.

David Stern, a few years back, was twisting my arm to buy the Milwaukee franchise when it was for sale because I’m from Milwaukee and one of the conditions of the sale from Herb Kohl would be that the new owner would have to agree not to move the team. So I’m sure that David figured because I’m from Milwaukee that would be a perfect fit. But at the time when I first started exploring that, Michael Jordan stepped in and was a more attractive buyer, obviously.

We know how things turned out. Kohl got cold feet and Jordan went on to purchase the Charlotte Bobcats years later. Meanwhile, Goldstein continued making millions of dollars (I assume) and to bring the best looking models on the planet (I know) to NBA games where he has virtually unlimited access.

I think we can say that things worked out best for Jimmy.

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  1. Herb Kohls is a awful owner. Dudes a millionaire. Jeez, buy some good players. No wonder why our team has only made the playoffs once in like 6 years. Get a real owner, that has passion for basketball and is able to spend money on this organization. Damn. Sick of Herb.