Report says Scott Skiles would be interested in Orlando coaching job

Reports have Skiles dreaming of Orlando.

Could Scott Skiles possibly be the next coach of the Orlando Magic?

Gery Woelfel sure hopes so and thinks Skiles would welcome the idea too.

Those who know Skiles well insist he would crawl to Orlando to be the Magic’s coach. Skiles not only has a house in the Orlando area but he played five years with the Magic while becoming one of their most beloved players ever.

More importantly, Skiles is one of Richard DeVos Sr.’s all-time favorites. DeVos is the owner of the Magic.

At this point, there probably isn’t much to this report though.

The Magic have yet to hire a general manager and that seems to be the number one priority there. And judging from the early candidates the Magic have been looking to bring in for that job, higher ups in the Spurs and Thunder organizations and former Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard, the Magic seem serious about finding a quality GM that can move them forward, not necessarily listen to the demands of ownership.

It’s possible any of those potential candidates could get hired on and immediately include Skiles into the conversation when they’re talking about potential new coaches. He’s an established coach with a style that has proven it can be effective. But it seems even more possible that those general managers would start looking into guys they have a lot of familiarity with and would work with them on their vision.

The crux of Woelfel’s article seems to be, “Hey, here’s a thing that makes sense” rather than, “Hey, here’s a thing that’s actually being discussed.” There’s a big difference in those two things.

There are some interesting pieces of information that do appear to be based in fact rather than logic though.

An NBA official told me the other day that Skiles was so convinced he was toast in Beer Town that he cleaned out his office after the season … The scuttlebutt was that Skiles was going to agree to a buyout on the one year remaining on his contract for approximately $4.5 million.

If that was indeed the case, the buyout presented by Bucks officials wasn’t to Skiles’ liking. Skiles, as his close friends will attest, doesn’t like leaving money on the table.

There was a lot of talk about Skiles leaving once the season ended and it seemed like he was resigned to the fate. But then everything was very suddenly and drastically different. He was coming back, Hammond was coming back and the Bucks would keep them on for one more year. It didn’t seem to make much sense at the time an it doesn’t make much sense now either, but that’s the current situation.

The Bucks claim they’re playing without a net or something like that when it comes to the contracts of their top executives. They’re making them earn their keep. Or their putting themselves in a position to fail.

Either way, the same guys who ran the show last year, that were kept around a few weeks ago, those guys will probably be around next year, a connecting some dots report about Orlando be damned.

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Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog

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  2. Even if this isn’t seriously being discussed the fact that Skiles name continues to be mentioned at all bothers me, if he does end up staying.

  3. MatthewSchwendinger

    Yeah, I hate to admit it, but the Magic would be his ideal team for obvious reasons. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he left us for them…and….could you blame him? The one thing is that Scott seems a little too aggressive (lack of better word?) for Dwight Howard… i.e. see: Van Gundy, Stan. If he can’t handle Stephen Jackson, I am not sure he can handle Howard.

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