You’re running out of time to buy this Todd Day figurine

We established that Todd Day was the 19th best Bucks player of the past 20 years. So don’t worry, I’m doing a solid and putting a link to the last remaining Todd Day Starting Lineup figurineright here. But apparently this is the last one left, so don’t delay.

I’ll check this post again next year when it’s still the last one left and still hilarious just for existing.

We’re getting to that point in the year where I’m pretty exhausted about he Bucks. So be prepared for more funny Bucks things I find on the internet in the coming weeks.

And hey, if you click through the site, I’ll get a penny or so of this $1.50. Win and win.

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  1. PattiRafalskiDavison

    What a treasure! ¬†Very tempting…especially wearing those shorts…oh how I miss those shorts! ¬†