Potential Bucks draftees and the Chicago Combine

(Welcome Eric Buenning to Bucksketball. He loves the Bucks. I pressed him on why and he sounded sufficiently depressed enough for me to believe his love was pure. He’s going to be helping out and doing some writing now. – Jeremy)

The NBA combine took place Thursday and Friday in Chicago on the UIC campus.  Sixty of the draft’s top prospects were in attendance, as well as representatives from most if not all of the NBA franchises (including a smiling and upbeat Scott Skiles—okay I saw him smile once, but that is a lot for him).

While a few of the top prospects at each position did not participate in the drills on day one, all of them were measured and tested on skills such as verticals and numerous agility drills, although those results are not to be released by the NBA until a later date.  Below are the measurements of potential Bucks draft picks, as gathered by numerous mock drafts and how they compare to current and former Bucks bodies (skill set not important).

Austin Rivers: 6’ 5”– 202.8lbs– 6’ 7.25”– wingspan– 8’ 1” standing reach

(Recent) Bucks most similar body: Jodie Meeks

Jared Sullinger: 6’ 9”– 268.2lbs– 7’ 1.25”—wingspan– 8’ 11” standing reach

(Old) Bucks most similar body: Danny Fortson

Perry Jones III: 6’ 11.25”– 233.8lbs– 7’ 1.75” wingspan– 8’ 10.5” standing reach

Bucks most similar body: Larry Sanders

Terrence Jones: 6’ 9.5”– 252.0lbs– 7’ 2.25” wingspan– 8’ 9.5” standing reach

(Legendary) Bucks most similar body: Glenn Robinson

Terrence Ross: 6’ 7”– 196.6lbs–6’ 7.25″ wingspan–8′ 5″ standing reach

(Released) Bucks most similar body: Darington Hobson

Tyler Zeller: 7’ 0.5”– 247.4lbs– 7’ 0” wingspan– 8’ 8” standing reach

(Clumsy) Bucks most similar body: Dan Gadzuric

As is expected with the combine, there are both surprises and disappointments.


— Terrence Jones is freakishly long and is more put together than expected.  Both suggest that he will be able to play the power forward position at the next level

— Jared Sullinger appears to be in better shape and has a much longer wingspan than expected


— Terrence Ross’ wingspan is only a quarter-inch longer than his height.  It’s not the worst thing in the world, but it would be nice to see those few extra inches on what is expected to be a solid perimeter defender

— Perry Jones is a little thin for his frame.  If he is expected to play the power forward position for the Bucks, he will have to put on some weight.

Additional players to keep an eye out for: SF Moe Harkless,  PF/C Arnett Moultrie,  C Meyers Leonard,  C John Henson.

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  1. My opinion has not changed.. Meyers Leonard is my pick and it looks like Draft Express has all of a sudden come on board.. I see the problem being that once he starts to work out his stock will rise.. Portland is a possibility of stealing him.. I know he is a project, but he is worth the investment

    • MatthewSchwendinger

       @JustinNixon I would be very happy with Meyers Leonard, Tyler Zeller, or Fab Melo.

  2.  @JustinNixon From what I saw of the combine in the drills Leonard did look really good, he also is the tallest player in draft heard Pistons are considering him at #9. I still like Perry Jones, I know he worked out as a 4 and struggled a bit but I think he is an NBA 3 and he is the kind of player that could come off the bench for the Bucks and score 13-15 points contribute right away (like Tim Thomas did back in the early 00’s.) I personally would rather see instant production than a project player. Perry Jones is a risk if he’s taken top 10, but not at #12 he’s one of the most talented players in the draft and I would love to see him fall to the Bucks I doubt he will though.
    What I’d like to see most though is trading down from 12 (Throw in Sanders or Gooden) acquire a shooter at the 2/3 get down to the high teens or early 20’s and draft Fab Melo. He can come into the NBA right away as a defensive post presence and basically do Larry Sanders job but better. He probably wont contribute anything on the offensive end but the occasional put back or jump hook but I think he addresses a need and would be a low risk guy.

    •  @Teddddd I do like the two-for-one idea, but there are very few wing players on the teams that would hold those picks that appeal to me.. the two that standout to me as possibilities are Wilson Chandler and if he’s healthy Jeff Green.. I do not believe that Gooden’s contract is gonna moveable
      I want anyone who reads this to know that I do recognize that guys like Drummond and Jones III are obviously top 5 picks as far as talent and athleticism.. but like Eric Mangini has said “Talent sets your floor.. work ethic and character set your ceiling”.. and there is nothing in PJ3’s game that tells me that he would be a quality SF.. He is simply a PF that doesn’t like contact.. reminds me way too much of Earl Clark

  3.  @JustinNixon No it probably is not (referring to moving Gooden’s contract) and I dont think John Hammond is going to be able to hustle teams like he has in the past few years but right now is when Gooden’s value is highest and Hammond has been known to swindle teams but with this being his last year in his contract and he is obviously on the way out, I dont think he has as much incentive to try to make big deals. Im guessing this Bucks team will keep it’s core and draft Zeller because it’s the smart and safe thing to do for John Hammond and his future.
    I have a bad feeling about this season because of Skiles and Hammond both being on their way out. Skiles will still coach his heart out because it’s in his best interest financially to do so but it still can hurt your chemistry if your a player and you know that next year this guy wont be “ur boss”. John Hammond is already an Exec of the year and has a high value as a GM so I doubt he will try to make any lucrative trades or doll out big contracts in FA in case they backfire on him and lower his stock. So basically this will be the same team as last year, I predict 8th seed and out of playoffs in 5 games.

  4. PattiRafalskiDavison

    Hi Eric.  Thanks for the nice coverage.  Looking forward to reading more from you.

  5. Welcome to our family Eric look forward to all the future work you will do 😀