Big names Headline Tuesday’s Bucks workout

(from left to right): Perry Jones III, Terrence Jones, and Arnett Moultrie were on display in Milwaukee Wednesday (Photo:

Wednesday was a big day at the Cousins Center, as the workouts began to heat up with three potential first-round picks in attendance.  The list was headlined by power forwards Perry Jones III (Baylor), Terrence Jones (Kentucky), and Arnett Moultrie (Mississippi State).  Jones III and Jones are very strong candidates to be taken by the Bucks at no. 12, while Moultrie could be taken a little later in the first round if the Bucks decide to trade down in the draft.  Joining these three players were Long Beach State senior guard Larry Anderson (again), Alabama’s senior forward JaMychal Green, and guard from the Czech Republic Tomas Satoransky.

Perry Jones III has long been rumored as one of the front-runners of for the Bucks’ first-round draft pick.  Jones brings a lot of athleticism to the table and has potential to be a flat out stud.  The downside of PJ3 is that many people have criticized his motor (not work ethic or attitude, but energy) and his passive-aggressive attitude.  But Jones told interviewers at the combine that he is working hard at improving that aspect of himself and that he has gained a lot of confidence since leaving school.  Take a look for yourself.

Perry Jones Draft Video–Draft Express

Perry Jones Combine Interview–Draft Express

Terrence Jones also is being considered at the no.12 pick, although he doesn’t necessarily fill one need. However, his versatility is something that both he and Bucks’ Director of Scouting Billy McKinney chose to highlight. McKinney, on the proclaimed “hybrid forward”,

“Once you get him into a game, three-on-three or a full game, is really when you see what he can do.  He can play multiple positions defensively. Offensively, he has the ability to make threes or just make outside shots, but he can also put it on the floor.  If he plays at the small forward position, he can post players up. If he plays against power forwards he can post them up or take them out on the floor.”

Jones didn’t contest that evaluation.

“I’m just trying to be versatile and be able to play both positions. The way I drive and rebound and just pass the ball, I think those are my strengths.”

Terrence Jones NBA Draft Video–Draft Express

Moultrie also got a chance to showcase his wide variety of talents, something he wasn’t able to show in college.

“I didn’t get to show my skill level at Mississippi State; I just played around the basket.  In my eyes I’m a stretch 4. I can guard three positions – 3, 4 and 5.

Arnett Moultrie NBA Draft Video–Draft Express

Long Beach State guard Larry Anderson worked out with the Bucks for the second time in the past week, while JaMychal Green and Tomas Satoransky both were hear for the first time.  All three players all are expected to be selected in the second round and all should be available when the Bucks are up with the no. 42 pick.

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  1. Looks like the lottery is starting to come to shape..
    #1)HOR- Your guess is as good as mine
    #2)CHA- Thomas Robinson.. I have no idea how is workout went with them, but I think that he is safest pick
    #3)WAS- Bradley Beal.. apparently they are in love with him and MKG won’t be the pick since they just acquired Arenas
    #4)CLE- Harrison Barnes.. think they want a more competent scorer vs. a versatile guy
    #5)SAC- MKG.. I would have gone Henson here, but that not with Kidd-Gilchrist falling in their laps.. don’t have one high quality SF on the team
    #6)POR- Drummond.. because they have two lottery picks I believe they will take a leap of faith.. don’t have one quality center on the team
    #7)GOLD- Lillard- because you just don’t know if Steph’s ankle is ever gonna be 100%.. I did like the way Jenkins played in his absence though
    #8)TOR- Lamb.. although for the life of me I don’t know why.. they have Demar Derozan, but every mock I read has them taking a SG.. may just be the best player available mentality
    #9)DETJohn Henson- because Monroe doesn’t play defense and needs some help.. and Henson is the best help defender in the draft.. neither is a center though
    #10)HOR- Zeller.. don’t think his ceiling is that high, but sets up front court of the future.. makes sense now that Okafor is gone and not sure if they plan on re-signing Kaman
    #11)POR- Kendall Marshall- ’cause they need a PG
    #12) US- Meyers Leonard.. because that has been my pick the whole time.. it was Beal before we got Monta
    #13)SUNS- Dion Waiters.. but for the life of me I don’t understand why..  he is a short, chubby, career backup shooting guard and everyone is in love with him.. I guess that’s why love is a mystery
    #14)HOU- Arnett Moultrie- they need size.. and while The Joneses are more equipped they are not classified as SIZE

  2.  @JustinNixon The Waiters thing baffles me as well…I think that’s more or less how it’s gonna go although I would not be surprised to see the Bobcats take Barnes at #2 they have a history of taking players from Carolina and now that their team colors are basically UNC colors I think it would almost be fitting

    •  @Teddddd Agreed,, the one time they take a Dukie and it turns out to be Henderson.. Jaded