Bucks’ latest workout features Quincy Miller, sharpshooting, and Bucksession

Ho hum, just another Bucks’ workout featuring relatively unknown guards and forwards that could be taken in the second…

Wait.  Hold on.  Is that Baylor forward Quincy Miller’s name I see on that list?  It is.  Hm, he’s a late first-round projected draft pick in nearly every mock draft.  Could the Bucks be considering making a move down in the draft in order to get Miller?

“That’s unlikely at this point,” said Bucks’ GM John Hammond, according to various media outlets (aka Twitter).  With the 12th pick, the Bucks are stuck in draft lottery purgatory, with the price of trading up appearing to be too steep and the notion of trading down seeming not worth the hassle.  Both are risks because you’re not positive that you’re getting star potential in the players higher or lower on the draft board.  Although this draft is deep, the Bucks seemed destined to be drafting a contributing role player/starter, something their roster is already full of.

So, while Miller is an intriguing prospect, it appears unlikely that the Bucks’ will be willing to move out of their already perplexing draft position and move further down the draft board.

(At this point I’d like to introduce that weird feeling you have in your stomach.  It’s called Bucks Depression, or Bucksession, if you will.  It’s that sad, sinking feeling that a Bucks fan feels when they know that their team is probably not going to come away from this draft with much to be truly excited or disappointed about.  Cures for this could include a John Hammond draft-day trade (again unlikely) and/or a few pulls of an alcohol of your choice).

Joining Miller in Monday’s workout were UW-Milwaukee guard Ryan Allen, FIU forward Dominique Ferguson, Miami guard/forward DeQuan Jones, IUPUI guard/forward Alex Young, and Northwestern forward John Shurna.  It was reported by Charles Gardener and Chris Jenkins on Twitter that Shurna made 36 out of 40 three-pointers during his workout.  I’m not asking for much, but if Shurna can maintain shooting at that 90% clip, I strongly suggest the Bucks’ draft him.

(Can you tell my Bucksession is setting in)?

In more exciting news, the aforementioned journalists also reported that there was another draft workout scheduled for tomorrow, with the hopes that big names like Duke guard Austin Rivers, Washington forward Terrence Ross, and Connecticut guard/forward Jeremy Lamb attend.  All are potential first-round selections, depending on whether the Bucks feel that Monta Ellis and the franchise have a future together.  In other words, the Bucks have a ton of options to consider and it’s all getting confusing and I’m going to stop writing now.

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  1. Getting kind of excited to see how this all shakes out.. not just to see how the Bucks improve, but hoping the other teams in our division don’t improve that much

  2. Id be happy with pretty much any player the Bucks drafted at 12 except Austin Rivers, That would be the worst thing they could do at 12 IMO

    •  @Teddddd from what I hear his workouts have been going terrible.. not bad for a kid who describes himself as a Kobe Bryant-type.. the most interesting picks in this draft are easily Drummond and PJ3.. will they be taken early because of their talent? will they fall because of their question marks? If Moe Harkless goes behind Rives it a travesty, even though they play different positions

  3. just realized that there are actually alot of players that could be drafted at 12 worse than Rivers, but I mean I think he’s worst person in the 8-20 range for the Bucks

  4. MatthewSchwendinger

    If we DON’T take Meyers Leonard or Tyler Zeller…I would LOVE to know what they are going to do about a legit starting center…
    …and don’t say Drew and Lord have mercy don’t say Kwame.

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger If they dont draft a Center there are still alot of talented big men in Free Agency, I dont mind the best player availible drafting strategy, just dont need another undersized volume shooting guard on the roster

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger I guess it is good for us that free agency doesn’t start ’til after the draft.. If we don’t get Leonard or Zeller I wouldn’t hate throwing a contract offer at McGee.. not a max deal or anything, just enough that they won’t match

    •  @Mooky Free Agency last season was rushed and there weren’t many Big men in demand, however in 2012 there are alot of options including some real talent out there. Hibbert and Brook Lopez are probably the best availible but both are restriced and I expect both to remain with their respective teams because Indy and Brooklyn have alot of cash to spend.
      If Lopez and Hibbert are Tier 1, Kaman and Javale McGee would be tier 2 IMO. Fortunately for the Bucks they do have some decent cap room and not many teams are looking to spend more than MLE on a Center. My guess is Kaman is in the 7-9 Million range and the Bucks will be in competition with the Blazers, Rockets (if the decline Dalembert’s TO) 76ers, and Brooklyn who have so much cash that they may just throw money at anyone and everyone.
      Bucks have about 12 million in cap room give or take and have 10 players commited to their roster my guess Leuer will be resigned so 11 players…rumors about resigning Kwame Brown…smh would put them at 12 and lose about 1 million in salary, whomever they draft will make almost 2 million on rookie salary scale, a 2nd rounder will make 700K or somethin like that so that leaves them with somewhere between 8-10 million dollars and 1 roster spot remaining

      • MatthewSchwendinger

         @Teddddd  @Mooky I would be very pleased with Hibbert or Lopez. Kamen/Caveman is just getting old and unreliable. I hate to say it…

      •  @MatthewSchwendinger  @Mooky Not old, but getting long in the tooth.. he has averaged less than 50 games a season the last five years.. he missed 19 games in a shortened season(I know he was held out for a portion), and I just can’t see paying a guy 7-9 million/yr for that kind of reliability

  5. All good points…I don’t think we’ll even get a sniff of Hibbert, and Lopez + broken foot = chronic problems.

  6. Id love to see the Bucks with Javale McGee the guy is too talented not to at least make a decent offer and see if Denver matches. There was a time when I really wanted Kaman but as I look at the Bucks cap situation and limited roster space I just dont think he’s worth it. Especially not 7-9 million (which i really and truthfully believe is how much he will be paid this offseason) If the Bucks could get Stiemmsma that would be great, he is a shotblocking machine and im sure for attendance the whole town of Randolph would attend games. Stiemmsma is on the NBA select team that is going to be practicing against the US olympic team so this summer so that experience playing against some of the worlds best players every day might help him develop even more.
    I dont think any of this matters tho as I have a sneaking suspicion that 8-10 million in cap space left over after the draft, I think the Bucks want to retain Ersan and will throw a good portion of that at him and if he is signed there will be very little room for any other moves. Hammond is very adamant about keeping this team intact from last year and truly believes that with more practice time that they are going to be contenders. I just dont see that happening, I know small ball is “in” right now but a lineup of Jennings, Ellis, LRMAM, Ersan, Gooden (Udoh maybe?) I dont see that team doing any better than 8th seed and swept by Miami

    •  @Teddddd who do you like more? Gooden at his price tag or Ekpe at his price tag?

      •  @JustinNixon I’d say Ekpe, he’s cheaper younger not as banged up as Gooden and still has some upside. what bout u?

        •  @Teddddd definitely Ekpe.. I am one of the “Amnesty Gooden” card holders.. would like guys like Leuer and Udoh get the max share of minutes