Bucks’ draft workouts Day 3: Guards on Guards on Guards

Two of the Bucks' draft interests, Will Barton (left) and Evan Fournier (right), face off in Saturday's workout (Photo: Bucks.com)

The Bucks brought in a small group of guards for their third team-organized workout Saturday.  Though the group size was small, the guards themselves were not, and that was something that the Bucks are actively looking for.  Their starting backcourt is undersized to say the least, with Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis standing 6-1 and 6-3, respectively.

Headlining the four-guard workout were Memphis’ Will Barton (6-6) and French prospect Evan Fournier (6-7).  Joining them were Long Beach State guard Larry Anderson (6-5) and Temple guard Ramone Moore (6-4).

Barton came off of a successful sophomore season if Memphis, if you consider Conference USA Player of the Year a success.  Kidding aside, Barton did average 18 points/game, while shooting 51 percent from the field.  He was also one of only nine players in Memphis history to surpass the 1,000 point mark by the end of two years.  In other words, the dude can score.

Barton was also interviewed a bit longer than usual at the NBA combine last week by the Bucks, and The Journal Times’ Gery Woelfel suggests that doing so may have revealed the Bucks’ intentions with their second round pick.

Barton is also well aware of those intentions.

“They told me they could use a big guard like me,” Barton said. “We’ll see what happens.”

While selecting Barton 12th would be a significant reach, the team is hoping that they can get lucky and have a guy like Barton fall to them in the second round (pick no. 42, to be exact).  Barton is expected to be a late first, early second round draft pick.

Fournier is a big guard that has a smooth skillset, including the capability of hitting outside shots.  He’s also only 19 and projected to be the first international player taken in the upcoming draft.  While he’s not necessarily the next best thing to come from overseas, his agent Bouna Ndiaye is reminded of a current NBA overseas stud when he discusses Fournier.

“He’s very underrated.  He reminds of Manu Ginobili. He’s aggressive, he’s got real good vision and he’s a real good scorer.

Similarly to Barton, Fournier is a reach at no. 12, and definitely won’t be around by the time the Bucks pick again.  If they were to select Fournier, some moving around would have to be done on the draft board.

Anderson was a three time All-Big West selection and was named 2012 Big West Defensive Player of the Year.  He was also named to the Lefty Dreisell Defensive All-American Team, one of seventeen players nationwide.

Moore was named first team All-Atlantic 10 in his senior year, and ranked second in the league in scoring, at 17.3ppg.

A few additional Bucks’ notes

– Ersan Ilyasova and Carlos Delfino are both unrestricted free agents as of July 1st.

– Also on July 1st, Brandon Jennings agent Bill Duffy and Bucks GM John Hammond are allowed to begin contract extension talks.

– July 2nd is my birthday, but some things are obviously more important.

Eric Buenning is a writer for Bucksketball.com. Follow him on Twitter.

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  1. Saw on ESPN Insider today that Alex Kennedy from HoopsWorld is reporting that the Bucks are one of several teams trying to trade up including talks with Charlotte about a deal for Number 2. No official deals obviously just rumors and speculation but still I dont like the prospect of the Bucks trying to move UP in the draft, wondering what the rest of you guys think about this potentially happening?

    •  @Teddddd To take who though? If they move Monta for Bradley Beal that might be cool.. Don’t necessarily want to take Thomas Robinson or could take a real risk/reward player and get Andre Drummond

  2. I actually would like it if they moved up.  They just do not have a “superstar” and need one badly, even if it is a rookie.

    •  @Bizzucks The thing is though aside from Davis the knock on this draft is that there really are no superstars. Any trade they’d make would be a giant risk there really are no sure-fire All Stars, everyone has something about them that you can pick apart, no one outside of Davis is a superstar closest thing potentially is Beal, but he’s still a bit undersized as a 2 guard (bigger than Ellis) but does not really solve their lack of size problem.
      I would be okay with them finding a way to get Barnes, I dont think he’s an All Star but I think he is closest thing to sure thing in this draft he can come into the league and score 16 right away and at 6’8″ and long he is an upgrade for the Bucks in the size department. Still would much rather see them stay at 12 or even trade down. Looks like they have alot of interest in some early 2nd round and late 1st round picks

      •  @Teddddd  I am getting more and more confused by this lack of ideal height thing everyone is talking about Beal.. He is 6’4.75″ in shoes according to Draftexpress.. Jeremy Lamb is about a half inch taller and no one is saying that he is undersized.. He is almost the exact same size as Dwayne Wade and even bigger than Eric Gordon.. it’s a who’s who of starting or impact players that are 6’5″ or shorter.. Afflalo, R. Allen, Marshon Brooks, Jamal Crawford, Jordan Crawford, James Harden, O.J. Mayo, Anthony Morrow
        Plus he’s 18 and probably not finished growing

        •  @JustinNixon  It’s more for defensive purposes when a SG isn’t prototypical 6’5″ or 6’6″ alot of those guys are players that end up creating off the dribble often, now I admit that I do not know alot about Beal, but one of the things i’ve often heard of him is that he’s not a Great ball handler, the comparison ive heard of him is Ray Allen/Eric Gordon, both are outstanding shooters and if Beal can shoot as well as them I’d love to have him on my team. But those players also can create for themselves off of the dribble, if he cant do that he’s more of an Anthony Morrow who is not worth trading up for.
          Of those players you listed all of them are good players but really only Dwayne Wade is known for his defense in that list, and he makes up for his lack of height with freakish athleticism and explosiveness. Afflalo is a great defender also but he too lacks the off the dribble skills that several of those other players possess.
          Lamb gets away with being a bit undersized because of his ridiculous 6’11” wingspan. Dont get me wrong I would love to have the Bucks end up with Beal, I just dont see swapping him for Ellis as much of an improvement unless they find a defensive anchor.

        •  @Teddddd great points, but then who are we moving up for? Their are four players that I think will be can’t miss guys,but I guess it depends on how you rate can’t miss.. with Davis I see Marcus Camby, a guy who was a much more polished offensive game when he was drafted, but never developed as an offensive player.. MKG reminds me of Corey Brewer, a rangy swiss army knife player, but like Brewer is he never going to be a dependable jump shooter? You have to love the way Robinson plays the game, but how many players shorter than 6’9″ have had exceptional careers at NBA Power Forward? The only current one I can think of is that is decent is Boozer.. I don’t really have any real knocks on Harrison Barnes, but will he be able to have the lateral quickness to guard his position?
          The main reason I like Beal so much is strictly his willingness to do whatever it takes.. In todays game players that take a back seat to help a team in whatever fashion he can is rare.. He is not Monta right now, but he is also not an 8 year pro….       By giving up a guy like Monta we better be dang sure that this person that they are targeting is a franchise changer, and it better be worth missing the playoffs for the next couple of years

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  4. While I know Teddd and Jeremy don’t have my back on this one I am still going to suggest it.. Drew Gooden and Del-threeno(via sign-and-trade) for Anthony Randolph and Michael Beasley.. i suggest this for a few reasons 1) We have to get rid of that Gooden contract through any means necessary 2) We would get younger and more skilled 3) Helps with versatility in the rotation, where Beasley can play PF and Randolph can play center in smaller more high paced lineups(which seem more and more popular)
    Then we draft Leonard, sign Kaman and a backup SG(e.g. Belinelli).. add size and don’t take on crazy payroll.. Larry Sanders has a 3 million dollar team option after this 2012-13 that I assume will not be picked up