Jeremy Lamb or Terrence Ross – Will the Bucks take a wing?

Things are looking up for the Bucks and Jeremy Lamb. YOU SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?

Jeremy Lamb or Terrance Ross – my allegiances rest with them.

It’s been too long since I’ve seen some athleticism, real legitimate dangerous athleticism, on a wing in Milwaukee. Actually, we got to see that last season with Monta Ellis. Let me correct myself – It’s been too long since I’ve seen a player with both athleticism AND SIZE on a wing in Milwaukee. I like Tobias Harris and think he could be a bright part of the Bucks future. I like even more the thought of pairing him with a big wing on the other side capable of hitting threes or slashing to the hoop. Lamb and Ross both sound capable of doing those two things. Milwaukee could finally have a future with size and scoring punch on both wings.

I recognize the Milwaukee Bucks have a hole at the center position that could only be defined as gaping, but we have months to see how that plays out. No, the Bucks weren’t even able to address the backup center position in either of the past two seasons, but desparation can often yield quick results. It’s been quite a while since the Bucks have entered free agency with such a glaring need at center. Andrew Bogut manned the middle when healthy for seven seasons and despite his frequent injuries, he rarely was hurt badly enough to expect a summer of rest wouldn’t cure his ailment (elbow explosion aside).

So there should be a real sense of urgency to find some size, ideally some athletic and defensive minded size, this summer and free agency may have what the Bucks need.

Looking for a defensive center? Jason Collins is available. The restricted Greg Steimsma seems awfully appealing. Even Milwaukee’s own free agent Kwame Brown could be a solid investment for the right price. If the Bucks can surround the man in the middle with enough scoring options, and the current roster does that, the Bucks can plug in solid system defenders in at the five with the sole goal of improving what was a pretty poor defense last season. A veteran center seems a lot more likely to do that than a rookie.

Grabbing Lamb or Ross isn’t drafting need over upside and frankly, drafting Leonard wouldn’t be need over upside either. Each of the three does a certain amount of need meeting and carries with him his own brand of upside. This draft seems unique in that way. There are a whole bunch of guys who seem like they could be pretty good. Aside from Anthony Davis there’s no obvious clear star. And after the top five, players six through 15 all seem solid, like any of them could breakout. But none is a clear cut star. But whereas most drafts are essentially a crap shoot after the top five, it seems like the Bucks will come out of this one with a player more prepared to make an impact than any of Joe Alexander, Larry Sanders or Tobias Harris were.

We had breakfast with (Lamb) this morning, he wanted to let us know that he is serious about us.

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  1. I’m really hoping that Zeller makes it to us at 12.  I don’t just say that because we need a center.  I think he can be a very solid center in the NBA.  There aren’t many great centers in the league anymore.  I think Zeller will be an above-average starter in the league.  If he’s gone, I want Perry Jones next.  At 12, if we can’t get Zeller, I want to take a chance on someone that can develop into a possible All-Star.  The only two that realistically could make it to 12 that fit that bill in my opinion are PJIII and Jeremy Lamb.  PJIII can affect the game in so many different ways; I think he’ll be a good starter in the league.  And Lamb has a ton of potential as a scorer.  Very smooth.  Not as similar to Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson as Harrison Barnes, but he’s in that same mold where he’s just a smooth scorer that knows how to get good looks.

  2. I don’t want Lamb under any circumstances, and it has nothing to do with his basketball pedigree.. I think we’ve had enough players in Milwaukee that didn’t want to be Bucks.. Look at his body language when asked about our team.. it’s terrible and anyone who watches college basketball sees how he leads and performs when he is on a team where he’s not motivated.. Plus he never re-scheduled his workout with the Bucks anyways

    •  @JustinNixon I mean he showed up in Milwaukee today despite not being able to work out due to injury and went out to breakfast with members of the Bucks staff and was quoted as saying that he is serious about the Bucks. That sounds like going the extra mile if anything, if he’s not even going to be able to workout idk why he’d travel to Milwaukee just to meet with execs

      •  @Teddddd still weird that he didn’t workout when he worked out for Portland on Monday.. and I believe that he is just trying to not burn bridges.. I don’t want to have to coddle his ego.. still didn’t like how he answered the question about the Bucks at the combine

  3. What about Eddy Curry?  He sounds like he might be maturing and Milwaukee is close to his hometown.

    •  @curtis_powers the last thing Curry needs is to be close to home.. or his homies.. aren’t they the reason dude’s bankrupt

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