“Pick the Pick” and win a $100 SURG Restaurant Group Gift Card

The good folks at the SURG Restaurant Group were kind enough to donate a gift card good at any of their terrific restaurants in Milwaukee to Bucksketball.com. After considering grabbing some food and heading out of town to live a life on the run, I’ve decided to offer up the gift card to the people who make this site possible – you guys.

Here’s what you have to do:

1. Go to the Bucksketball Facebook page and find the post that says: Interested in winning a $100 SURG Restaurant Group gift card? Leave a comment and tell me who the Bucks first round pick will be. Get it right and you’ll be entered into a drawing the night of the draft.
2. Comment on the post – in that comment pick the Bucks first round draft pick.

If you’re the only one to correctly guess the first round pick? You’ll win the gift card. If a bunch of people do it? You’ll all be entered into a drawing to win the gift card. If the Bucks trade their pick and ruin my night, all commenters will be entered into the drawing.

Only one comment per person, so you might want to let things breathe a little bit more. But don’t forget to leave a comment!

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  1. KevinRobertFrei

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    DO NOT DRAFT A WING HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1) TRADE #12 -‘ Ellis – Sanders to Sac 4 T Evens and #5 -then-
    2) Trade #5 and Udrih or Livingston -4- portlands #6 and #11
    3) Draft #6 Drummond (If aval) or either Henson  Zeller Leanord or (T Jones might slip  to #14)
    4) Trade #11 for Houstons #14 & #16
    5) Draft T Jones( if aval) or PJ3 -then –
    6) Trade #16 and maybe Brockman and HT Harris for  bostons #21 & #22
    7) Draft DramontGreen at #21 or #22 -then-
    8) Trade #21 or #22 and our other Backup PG  & if nessesary 2013 1st rd pick for DEVIN HARRIS!!!!!!
    Note: This frees up enough money to resign Jennings Ersan and possibly Delfino and Kwami- (year to year contract)   Also Draft 2nd rd Tyswan Taylor or Jordan Taylor (proteects us if we loose B Jenn!!!)   This Will give us a Solid Young team and we can trade Gooden before hes a FA!!!!

    •  @KevinRobertFrei No to Tyreke Evans.  No No No.  We don’t need a black hole.  Trade Ellis?  If the price is right, sure especially if we can somehow score Bradley Beal (I think he’d be a much better fit with Jennings; cheaper and more long term too).

    •  @KevinRobertFrei the problem with mad scientists is that usually build bombs.. the average age of our team with players under contract is 25-years-old, including Gooden(which I would rather not).. we are a borderline playoff team and don’t know if the fans have the patience for another rebuilding project.. too many what if’s in your little scenario there