Wojnarowski: Bucks acquire Samuel Dalembert

We’ve all been had. The Milwaukee Bucks were actively talking trade all along! While it isn’t the roster shakeup we’ve seen the team make in each of the past two seasons, the Bucks have unloaded some fringe rotation players to land a guy who could be at least part of a solution at that pesky center position.

The Bucks have traded the number 12 pick in Thursday’s draft along with Jon Leuer (NO! – Everyone in Milwaukee for 10 seconds), Shaun Livingston and Jon Brockman for Samuel Dalembert and the number 14 pick according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo!:

(I realize that tweet doesn’t mention Livingston. He corrects it in his next Tweet.)

Suddenly, that extra full Bucks roster, with 12 players under contract not counting their pending free agents, gets a bit slimmer as the Bucks get a bit bigger. The acquisition of Dalembert seems to give the Bucks a bit more flexibility with regards to what position will be the focus of their draft interest. Especially with Ken Berger reporting the Bucks intend to keep Dalembert rather than shop him around further. Wings Terrence Ross and Jeremy Lamb could still be on the board at 14.

Of course, minus two more power forwards, the Bucks could still be looking to make a move up for John Henson, the power forward out of North Carolina they supposedly covet. While it’s probably too great a leap to rule out Meyers Leonard or Tyler Zeller, it looks as if, for the time being, the Bucks could be shifting their attention away from the center position.

Milwaukee now has the 14th and 42nd picks in Thursday’s draft. And a center.

Jeremy Schmidt writes the Milwaukee Bucks blog Bucksketball.com

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  1. All I want is for us to NOT draft Terrence Jones.  Don’t really want Leonard or Henson either, but I could live with that.  Just please do not take Terrence Jones.
    Give me Perry Jones III, Jeremy Lamb, Terrence Ross, or Tyler Zeller before them.  Please.

  2. Oh good!  We have a center!  Zeller and Leonard aren’t ready to step in next year.  Dalembert is a good addition.  Excellent defender.

  3. so we trade a player with upside for a player on a downslide with a big contract.. plus we lose our position in the draft? HUH?

  4. dalembert is only under contract for a yr at 6.7 million. Plays a true center. Who did the bucks trade who had upside? brockman? livingston? please dont say luer and i am from wisconsin! this is the nba. They got their center and only had to drop two draft spots. now they can get a scorer on the wing. If dalembert doesnt work out, he only has a 1 yr contract so they will have $ for free agency.

    • @juice so you agree we will have the exact same problem next draft of having no center? And you watch how that bum Leuer performs next year with Houston.. hec look what they got out of Parsons

      •  @JustinNixon  @juice Parsons was a much better prospect than Leuer, and they play different positions.  Having said that, I liked what Leuer brought to the team.
        If we spend the 14th pick on Perry Jones, Terrence Ross, or Jeremy Lamb, I’ll be happy with the move.  But if we spend it on Terrence Jones or Meyers Leonard, I will not be a happy camper.

        • @Machu46 @juice so many things wrong with this.. 1) he’s 31 and coming off averages of 7 points and 7 rebounds, Gee I hope we re-sign him.. could have had the same production from Kwame for less.. 2) Not sure how you got that Parsons was a better draft pick than Leuer.. Draftexpress had JL as a top 40 pick.. Parsons to go undrafted… and anyone who thinks that PJ3 is better than Terrence doesn’t watch much basketball anyways

        •  @JustinNixon  How could you possibly think Kwame is the answer? Cocaine is a helluva drug…

        •  @JustinNixon  @Machu46  @juice Parsons has a unique skill-set.  And he was drafted ahead of Leuer.  In the days leading up to the draft, he was projected as a late 1st round pick on the DraftExpress mock, generally regarded as the best site for NBA Draft stuff.
          Regarding PJIII vs. Terrence Jones, PJIII again has a unique skill-set.  He has the talent to be one of the best players in this year’s draft and can affect the game in a lot of different ways.
          Terrence Jones doesn’t really have any NBA skills right now.  He’s a good defender and he can dunk.  That’s about it.  He was statistically the worst finisher around the rim for a big man in the draft.  His shot has a low release point and isn’t very good to begin with.  He’s not as good a ball-handler or passer as PJIII, and if you go back and watch the game film, he just abused people with his strength and length.  He won’t be able to do that in the NBA against PFs.
          I don’t think Terrence Jones is going to make it in the NBA.  And I certainly don’t think he’d be able to make a big contribution to our team next season, unless we decide to let Ilyasova go and just have Gooden, Udoh, Sanders, and Terrence at PF; and even then I think he’d struggle to find playing time.   PJIII is a high risk pick, but he’s still a lower risk than Terrence Jones and has a much, much, much, much higher ceiling.

        • @ThisIsntUnicef I don’t want either.. I was saying we could’ve had the same production for less from Kwame.. and isn’t even close to an elite defender anymore.. but at least he’ll be happy to be close to his Canadian homeland

        • @Machu46 @juice is unique skill set code for not great at anything in particular? agree to disagree on potentials

        •  @JustinNixon  @Machu46  @juice PJIII actually has SF skills.  He’s a good ball-handler, he’s quicker than Terrence, has more range than Terrence, and on top of that, he’s a better finisher than Terrence.  Terrence is good on defense.  That’s the extent of his skillset right now.  He has nothing else that really carries over to the NBA.  Even the Kentucky fans that I’ve talked to say that he plays like a kid that never learned how to actually play basketball.  Just a kid that’s always been taller, longer, and stronger than his opponent.  He either dunks the ball or he tries to shoot through people, and he has an awful tendency to bring the ball down low when he’s trying to penetrate, which will lead to a lot of turnovers at the NBA level.  Terrence is a PF with below average SF skills and below average PF skills.  PJIII is a SF with good SF skills and some PF skills.

        • @Machu46 @juice PJ3 is a better athlete, but he is not a better finisher.. and the stats don’t jive with your points.. Terrence Jones shot more threes and made more threes.. we need a post power forward that rebounnds

        •  @JustinNixon  @Machu46  @juice PJIII was a better finisher than Terrence in college.  Terrence was statistically the worst big man in the draft at finishing around the rim based on what I read earlier today.  Terrence isn’t a post PF.  He’s a face-up guy.  And neither one of them rebounded all that well this past season.  PJIII is more capable of playing SF in the NBA than Terrence, and I don’t really want a PF when we already have Gooden, Sanders, Udoh, Mbah A Moute, and possibly Ilyasova.

  5. For everybody crying about Dalembert’s poor stats; The Bucks acquired him for DEFENSE. The Bucks have plenty of scorers. Would you really want another year of Drew Gooden at the 5? I’m the biggest Drew Gooden fan on the planet and I’d rather see him come off the bench. 

    •  @ThisIsntUnicef 
      Exactly. Livingston and Leuer, as much as I like those guys, were never going to get minutes unless injuries forced it, and I was NOT going to sit through another season with Gooden as the starting C; that’s asking for madness. Heck, I don’t even want Sanders playing too many C minutes; he was always meant to be an off-the-ball defender to get the most of out him.
      This trade puts us into position to take the best player available as opposed to absolutely needing to take a big, along with clearing up some roster spots. And best of all, I can finally say this:
      The Milwaukee Bucks organization would like to thank Jon Brockman for his services and is proud to wish him the best in his future endeavors.
      Now if we could just get a nice big, athletic wing that can score and/or defend, I’m happy.

      •  @ThisIsntUnicef 
        Another thing I just thought of: Dalembert has only missed three games in the past two years. Before that, he hadn’t missed a regular season game in four seasons. Coming off of Bogut and the injury woes of the past two years, I’ll take that kind of durability.

      • @Marq @ThisIsntUnicef good points Marq, but what if the best player available is Meyers?

        •  @JustinNixon  @Marq  @ThisIsntUnicef The one thing with this trade is that taking Leonard isn’t as big a risk when we have Dalembert (assuming we keep him that is) because Dalembert is an absolute professional and can show Leonard the ropes.  Leonard is kinda like a blob of clay right now.  Nobody really knows what kind of player he will end up being, but he has the potential to be very good.
          My wish-list at 14 is:
          1. Tyler Zeller
          2. Perry Jones III
          3. Jeremy Lamb
          4. Terrence Ross
          5. Meyers Leonard
          6. John Henson
          7. trade down again

        • PattiRafalskiDavison

           @JustinNixon  @Marq  @ThisIsntUnicef If Meyers is best available at 14 we draft him.  If Bucks get from Dalembert what the Pistons got from Ben Wallace then this is a good thing.  Veteran to guide all these young Bucks we have at C/PF.  This draft night just got less predicable and I’m excited.

        •  @PattiRafalskiDavison  @JustinNixon  @Marq I would like to see Perry Jones III. 

  6. I think it’s a great trade Dalembert is a nice defensive backstop, Leuer will be missed as will Jon Brockman’s youtube videos, but other than that I think this was a great move. losing 2 draft spots and fixing the logjam at PF is great. Now the Bucks most pressing need is a shooter at the 2/3 Terrance Ross would be my guess
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  7. well I can’t say I’m entirely surprised… Really like Leuer, however I understand why they did it… I am very on the fence about this move. I hope that this does allow us to take the best player that is not another PF we have enough of those already IMHO

  8. guys are forgetting that the Dalembert signing isnt the end all of the Bucks offseason. The draft is hit or miss, but they still have enough money to sign a pretty damn good piece, whether that is Ersan or something else, is yet to be seen, but this is a trade where the Bucks definitely won. Leuer is gonna be buried behind Patrick Patterson and Luis Scola so he still won’t get many minutes at the 4 Livingston will be waived and we still have Brockman’s trick shot legacy here in Milwaukee…Overall it’s definitely a win

  9. If anybody is heart broken over Jon Brockman, I will find you and end you.