Bucks 2012-13 Schedule Release

Bogut returns to Milwaukee on January 26. Let's not make it awkward

It’s really wonderful to have a schedule release that means something. This same time last year was filled with so much dread. So we should all be really thankful that the schedule release is for realsies this time. You can’t triple stamp this double stamp, Stern!

But other than this being a fairly joyous occasion, I don’t know what you people want from me. The Bucks open the season in Boston on November 2. The home opener is the next day against Cleveland. Bogut returns to Milwaukee on January 26. The Bucks will be out of playoff contention on April 10, but the attendance will look like they’re out of the playoffs by November 7.  The Bucks have 85 days of rest and 22 back-to-backs — both are about average for the league. One of their back-to-backs is a home-and-home against Brooklyn. I don’t’ know what else you guys want to know. It’s just a schedule release. We know nothing. There’s nothing to know.

Ok, fine I’ll say more:

3 Games You Should Go to the BMOBC to see:

  • Cleveland on November 3

This is the home opener, but even if it wasn’t, I would go to watch Kyrie Irving. Here is a gif of Uncle Drew performing magic:

  • Toronto on March 2

The Raptors are my surprise team. I believe in Kyle Lowry. Also Andrea Bargnani is basically what Byron Mullens was to the Bucks last year, except he does it all the time.

  • Minnesota on April 3

If the Timberwolves switched places with the Badgers basketball team, no one would know anything changed from just looking at them. Once the teams started playing, everyone would know immediately because one team is good and fun. And adorable. The other team is not good and boring. Watch out for Alexey Shved on the wing, folks. He’ll flourish under Adelman’s system.

3 games you shouldn’t go to to because you’ll just leave disappointed, but you’ll go to anyway:

  • Miami on December 29
  • Los Angeles Lakers on March 28
  • Oklahoma City on March 30

Le sigh. Not only will these most likely be blowouts, these games won’t even decide the Bucks season.

The Game That’ll Decide the Bucks Season:

  • At New York on April 5

I assume that by this time, this will be the 14th incarnation of the Knicks within the season.

The full Bucks schedule can be found here.

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  1. Here is a fun fact. This is the 28th consecutive year the Bucks season opener has began on the road

    •  @Teddddd Something I should have brought up in the article: I’ve heard the Bucks choose to open on the road so they can open at home on the weekend and get that sweet, sweet Saturday attendance.

  2. ..and unfortunately more than likely Bogues will be sitting sideline in a suit, if history is any

  3. and if history is any indicator, he will sitting sideline in a suit.. sorry Bogues

  4. @iansegovia

    Obviously you have a right to your own opinion, and your comments are kind of funny, but do you have to be such a downer about the prospects for success this upcoming season? I already hear similar things from virtually anyone I mention the bucks to, I consider bucksketball a sanctuary where I can consider more than just the negative aspects of this franchise. Excuse me while I go sob quietly in the corner…

    •  @sillybilly We’ve brought on several new writers who are much more optimistic than me. This should provide a more balanced view of the team.
      I will say that my feelings about the team swing wildly throughout the year. I was all jacked up about the Bucks in April and I’m sure I will be by the time the season starts. I am not well.

  5. Agree 100%. Any bets on whether Bogut will PLAY jan 27th? I’ll say NO. migrane. foot. back. shoulder.
    still frightened by a child from halloween. Sudden trip to australia to patch things up with the wife nobody knows he has.