Bucks fall to Wizards 78-75 in second Vegas Summer League game

John Henson plays in his first professional game. (Photo via Bucks' Instagram)

The Milwaukee Bucks’ second Summer League game ended in a 75-78 defeat at the hand of the Washington Wizards, but there were still a lot of positives to take away from the loss. Tobias Harris showed elite offensive skills at times, finishing with 24 points (10 of 20) and 12 rebounds, and, in his professional debut, John Henson was impressive with 20 points (8 of 17) and 9 rebounds.

The Bucks controlled most of the game, holding a double-digit lead for most of it, with Harris, Henson, and Doron Lamb (12 points, 6/13 shooting, 3 rebounds) all playing great early on. Their impressive play may have been a positive sign that all three of them have the talent and basketball knowledge to compete at the NBA level. The Bucks held a lead until 3:20 in the 4th quarter as poor point guard play, which slowed the Bucks offense  all game, finally caught up to them. The Wizards were led by third-pick Bradley Beal who had 18 points on 7 of 13 shooting and who looked dominant at attacking the basket with his freakishly long arms.


The MVP of the game was Tobias Harris. He seemed superior to everyone else on the court in both talent and size. The Wizards couldn’t stop him in the post, he showed a somewhat unknown touch on his jumper, and he was constantly in the right position for defensive rebounds. If he can continue with this consistent offense throughout Summer League, then hopefully Hammond will stop talking about how it might be hard for Harris to find minutes behind Mike Dunleavy Jr. and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute. Harris has the offense this team needs and he deserves to be on the floor.


Henson had an exceptionally strong start and showed a left hand hook shot that seems impossible to stop with his long arms. He cooled off as the game carried on and he settled for long twos way too often. But he showed a lot of promise and was consistent in getting great low-post positioning in transition. For the sake of Bucks’ fans sanity everywhere, it is great that he didn’t play like a bust today.


The sour spot for the Bucks was once again Larry Sanders, who may be physically unable to not leave his feet on pump fakes. He settled for jump shots all night and was even called out for it by John Hammond who said that the team wants Sanders around the basket cleaning up misses instead of shooting long twos. It seems that the big difference between Sanders and the Harris, Henson, and Lamb trio is that Sanders still doesn’t seem capable of grasping basic basketball fundamentals.

He hasn’t improved at reading offensive or defensive sets, and for a third-year player in Summer League, that is very troubling. But then he has moments like his impressive block late in the game where it is obvious he has talent, he just needs some hands and a brain to go along with it. Sanders shouldn’t be noticed when he is on the court and he should live at the rim. He was drafted as a project and he is proving to be one.


Doron Lamb continued his strong summer league, showing a consistent jumper that hasn’t been seen in Milwaukee since Michael Redd with knees. It would be great if the team gave him some PG minutes during the rest of Summer League as the poor play at that position has halted many offensive sets.

The Bucks’ roster players (sans Sanders) all played well and showed a lot of promise, with Harris, Henson, and Lamb all looking like they will be able to be contributors during the season if Scott Skiles ever plays them. Sanders looks like he may be getting pushed farther down the bench. The Bucks’ next game will be Thursday at 9:00 P.M. CST against the D-League All Stars.

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  1. A few musings: can’t help but feel that we would be no worse off if we didn’t start a true point guard at all.. loved how Brent Barry kept call John Hammond “Jon Hamm”.. and who was that attractive referee? Anyways
    Jarrid Famous- came back to earth.. the truth is he isn’t a very good defender
    Tobias Harris- is always gonna be a good offensive player(no surprise), but don’t know if he is showing enough to earn a starting spot
    John Henson- knew he would show more offense than he showed in college, but my thought before the draft and my thoughts after the draft are the same..”Hope his body holds up for a significant NBA career”
    Doron Lamb- If I had one word to describe his game it would be “efficient” and his box score line looks just that way.. but he was definitely forcing things today.. most notably on a two-on-one breakaway with Henson he decided to take it himself and got swatted.. that would have given us the lead late in the 4th
    Don’t care if we win/lose these games.. just want to see improvement and reliability

    • PattiRafalskiDavison

       @JustinNixon Hard to execute plays under these circumstances.  Feel like that inbound play end of 4th that had Sanders shoot from way outside towards the rim was actually intended for Henson to catch and dunk.  Sanders looked like he threw an air ball but I think it was Henson that missed the pass.  

      •  @PattiRafalskiDavison I dunno.. that last possession was an effective one just in that Tobias got a good look.. and I know Summer League is not best known for execution, but Aaron Miles has been just terrible.. that three that clanked off the side of the backboard..Geez!!

  2. Anybody else think that Tobias Harris resembles a young Maggette with his style of play?

    • @Teddddd I think of his game as more Glenn Rice-ish .. not really three athlete Maggete is

      •   @JustinNixon yea u are right, I like the way he attacks and bullies to the hoop which reminds me of Maggs a bit, has great hands too. I hope he can devlop a good consistent outside shot and (or) have the lateral quickness to stay in front of NBA swingmen. He seems like a good person and a really hard worker, nice to see guys like that rewarded with PT