The Bucks are like, "We'll PASS on Delfino." Right? (Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images)


“I expected to have at least a conversation [with Milwaukee],” Delfino told HoopsHype. “I ended up aggravating my injury because I wanted to play with the Bucks. It hurts me a little bit that they have not even reached out to me. That’s life, things happen. I learned from the experience. Coach Scott [Skiles] and the owner [Herb Kohl] have been very good to me. The rest… I expected a little bit more.
Sometimes you expect not to be rewarded, but to be recognized for your effort, playing through injury and doing things for the group… When that doesn’t happen, I don’t say that I feel betrayed, but I feel overlooked. Even though it’s a business, I think the general manager should have maintained the personal relationship and put value on other things aside from a contract. As a veteran player, I thought it was always good to play no matter what [despite the injuries] and so far it has only played to my disadvantage.”

I couldn’t care less if the Bucks bring back Carlos Delfino. He’s easily replaceable. At the same time, I feel a great amount of empathy toward him. Solid rotation players that aren’t quite good enough to get wildly overpaid get the rawest deal in the NBA’s messed-up economy.

What’s really interesting to me is how the Bucks front office works. Basically, Delfino is saying that Hammond is Batman and Kohl is Jim Gordon. Hammond gets his hands dirty so Kohl doesn’t have to. Hammond isn’t the GM the Bucks need. HE’S THE GM THE BUCKS DESERVE. In this analogy, Skiles is Alfred.

***Spoilery Batman Rant After the Break***

One of the big themes throughout this set of Batman movies is that anyone can be Batman. This makes sense from a symbolic standpoint.  From a practical standpoint, not anyone can just be Batman. Sure the characters keep saying this, but it’s pretty obvious through actions that only someone with unlimited resources, Olympian strength and speed and elite ninja skills could actually be Batman. Bruce, it was a terrible idea to make Joseph Gordon Levitt the next Batman. I assume the Notorious JGL died within within five minutes of putting on the mask.

Since I have to connect everything to the Bucks, let’s just say that Brandon Jennings is Joseph Gordon Levitt.

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