DJ Mbrockman? Profiling Milwaukee’s Potential 2012-2013 Jon Brockman

DJ Mbenga
Could this be the new face of the Milwaukee Bucks bench?

DJ Mbenga is an NBA champion. The eight year veteran spent 4 years with the Los Angeles Lakers, and two of the four seasons culminated in a NBA title. Sure, Mbenga put up a total of 7 points throughout both championship runs for the Lakers, but there’s something to be said for being there.

Mbenga is a 31 year old 7 footer who has averaged less than 7 minutes his entire career. So why on earth are the Milwaukee Bucks taking such a long look at Mbenga by bringing him on their summer league roster? Are the Bucks finally serious about the center position in the post-Bogut era? Or are they simply trying to find their next cheerleader?

Mbenga’s general lack of court time fits right in with Jon Brockman’s role last year, who averaged a whole 6.8 minutes of garbage time. Mbenga has been in this minimal role his entire career and seems perfectly content in it. And while Mbenga isn’t the Twitter sensation that Brockman is (338 followers vs. 316k followers, respectively), they both seem to be fan favorites. Congo Cash anyone?

Congo Cash

As currently constructed, the Bucks have 13 players under contract, so in theory they could sign a wing and one other bench warmer. The ‘sexy’ backup center free agent that’s been linked to Milwaukee is Jermaine O’Neal. But if the Bucks really feel the need to add another big man to this roster, they don’t need a 16 year veteran that’s looking for 20 minutes a game. They need a new Jon Brockman, and DJ Mbenga might be it.

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  1. MatthewSchwendinger

    What will AJ Bomber new Brockness burger then…. the DJ Mburger? 2 patties, bacon, bomber sauce, fried onions, pickles, and peanut butter.
    Dammit. Now I’m hungry.

  2. Hammond just keeps re-arranging those Titanic deck chairs.
    Jermaine o ‘neal vs Mbenga?  That’s like ointment or suppositories.

    • MatthewSchwendinger

       @flyingking Right. And no one likes things going up their a$$!$ so I’ll take Jermaine O’Neal, thank you very much.

    •  @flyingking funny comparison, but what disease uses both? Either we take the productive guy who couldn’t stay erect with a handfull of viagra.. or we take the 7 footer(pretty much just a body) who’s offense is offensive
      As a Californian I saw plenty of Didier Ilunga-Mbenga, and I hoped that part of my life had passed

  3. MatthewSchwendinger

    How about that beat down today?!?! If I was Luc Richard, I’d be very worried that Dunleavy and Harris will take all his minutes at this rate. Harris is looking like a beast, Henson is looking great too.