John Hammond is always looking to improve the Milwaukee Bucks

Don't let that smile fool you, John Hammond may still be up to something.

Bucks GM John Hammond recently sat down with Bill Ingram of HoopsWorld to discuss Summer League, the Bogut departure (that led to an offseason need), and his feelings on the draft.  He also—in classic John Hammond style—offered up this little quote, when asked if the Bucks were done with free agency or still looking to make a move.

“I don’t know; we’re all in the same boat. We’re always looking to try and improve our team, so if there’s one more thing to do, or two more things to do, we’ll do that.”

While that sounds like a clichéd GM statement, John Hammond has always had the reputation as Bucks GM of doing two things in any given offseason.  He has always gotten rid of the junk from the previous season (read: Salmons, Maggette) and he has always aggressively tried to fill needs for the upcoming season.  Maybe I’m just a huge sucker for free agent drama, but I believe that Hammond is up to something.

It’s no secret that the Bucks have some holes to fill, primarily at the backup shooting guard and small forward positions.  They could also use some insurance at the backup center position, but that need appears to be getting addressed at the moment.

Below is a list of free agent shooting guards and small forwards that are still available*, via HoopsWorld.

SHOOTING GUARDS: Leandro Barbosa, Brandon Rush, Sonny Weems, Jodie Meeks, Martell Webster, Marquis Daniels, Michael Redd, Willie Green, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Sasha Vujacic, Maurice Evans, Sam Young, Roger Mason, Alan Anderson, Terrel Harris, DeAndre Liggins, Jermaine Taylor, Von Wafer, Xavier Silas, Bill Walker, Josh Akognon, Darington Hobson.

SMALL FORWARDS: Andrei Kirilenko, Carlos Delfino, Josh Howard, Matt Barnes, Alonzo Gee, Michael Pietrus, C.J. Miles, Tracy McGrady, Josh Childress, Terrence Williams, Donte Green, Shawne Williams, Damion James, Bobby Simmons, Jason Kapono, Derrick Brown, Jamario Moon, Joey Graham, Damian Wilkins, Rasual Butler, Al Thornton, Adam Morrison, DaJuan Summers, James Singelton.

Does anybody on these lists jump out at you?   Do you think John Hammond is done?  Do you think I’m reaching for articles to write in a very slow part of the NBA offseason (wait, what?)?

*includes both UFA and RFA, and people that would make me vomit (see: Redd, Michael).

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    •  @peteahhh who did you have in mind?  In other words, what value can you get from a Gooden/Udoh/Sanders? 

    •  @peteahhh
      Dear John Hammond,
      Please trade Larry Sanders while he still has some perceived value so I don’t have to watch him hack opponents, drop passes, and steal minutes from our other promising PFs this upcoming season.
      A vacuum cleaner would be a fair return.
      -the fans

  1. I’m not big on any of the SGs on that free agent list, but I’m HUGE on the idea of bringing in Andrea Kirilenko. He had a few off years before he went back overseas, but he’s a dynamic player on defense and we could certainly do worse.

  2. Hammond is a schmuck. Joel Prizbilla? Are you kidding me? This addresses what? Our need for a fat unathletic, boring, ugly ,slow, white never-was? The best thing the Bucks could do is play Tobias and Henson ALL THE TIME, because they have zip else to develop.

    •  @flyingking Przybilla is a solid backup center, and ANYTHING is better than trying to play Gooden at center again. Henson is trying to bring in young talent and, at the same time, trying to build a playoff team, and in that regard, signing Przybilla is a good move.

      •  @KBela53 
        Yea idk if Pryzbilla can run well enough to be of value to this team. Everyone on the roster can really move and is going to need to do so to be competetive.

    •  @flyingking You are SUCH a downer. All the time. Don’t call yourself a realist because you never have any facts to back up your reasoning. Joel Pryzbilla is white, so that makes him a bad player? C’mon, dude. Get real. 

  3. So we need a fourth small forward? Are we trying to have four players at every position? Who the heck is Josh Akognon? C.J. Miles is OK, but a ball hog.. Kirilenko is probably going to the Nets or back to Europe.. Brando Rush seems to make sense for what we are trying to accomplish.. athletic and plays good defense

    •  @JustinNixon T-Wolves offered Kirilenko a 2 year, 18 million dollar contract. And four small forwards? We have Harris and Dunleavy, Delfino is a free agent and I reaaaally don’t want Mbah a Moute to have any minutes at SF unless he’s developing a jumper over the offseason.

      •  @JustinNixon But primarily plays PF anyways. He’s simply too much of a liability offensively at SF. 

        •  @KBela53 but he is a small forward, on the Bucks roster.. that’s where I get the fourth small forward thing

        •  @JustinNixon I understood that from your initial post. But at this point, he’s as much a small forward as Gooden is a center.

        •  @KBela53 if being able to hit a jump shot is the only thing that makes him a small forward I guess Artest(yes he is Artest), Corey Brewer, Derrick Williams, and Marvin Williams don’t qualify I guess.. don’t discount that LRMAM is one of the best on ball defenders in the league and Skiles loves him
          We all, as Bucks fans, would like to see more offensive accuracy.. but for the record he did over 50% last year

        •  @JustinNixon It’s not the only qualification, and I’m not sure how you took my previous messages so out of context with that remark lol. I’ve never denied his defensive capabilities: it’s the one thing that he definitely has going for him. To quote this very site:
          “The entire platoon of power forwards insist on spotting-up, not rolling to the basket. That’s fine for Drew Gooden, but it’s about time everyone just gives up on Luc Mbah a Moute’s jump shot. It’s not happening. That’s not to say that he never should shoot it again. If he’s open like he always is, put it up.”
          “But since he is always open no matter what he does, why not play to his strengths and make him cut to the basket. He’s a career 59.9 percent finisher at the rim. He cuts to the basket very well. Same goes for Larry Sanders. It might be a little early to give up on his jump shot, but damn it if I haven’t already.”
          His FG% is above 50% because of his slashing ability and ability to finish, not his shooting. Though a friend of mine brought up a valid point, one I didn’t think of and definitely made me SMH.
          Play Mbah a Moute at SF, especially when Ilyasova is at PF, and just switch roles on offense. Ilyasova is (obviously) a much better shooter, and Mbah a Moute could play in the paint where he belongs. Win-win.

        •  @KBela53 
          Position designation is a fluid thing especially in today’s game. Call LRMAM whatever you want he will still probably be on the floor with Ilya and Dalembert or other PF and C quite often, technically making him a small forward when that occurs.
          Its all about match-ups, sometimes it might be worth having him on the floor at SF despite his offensive shortcomings, like if we’re playing the Heat for instance.
          O, and we already have another version of LRMAM ar PF, his name is Ekpe Udoh

        •  @KBela53  @JustinNixon Is there such thing as an offensive liability? I don’t think this team will have any trouble scoring. Regardless of who is playing SF

        •  @ThisIsntUnicef  I think there are varying degrees of liabilities.. Obviously we know Princes deficiencies, but so are Dalembert and Udoh as far as an offensive game.. those guys all make it up on defensive possessions though.. And even more obvious are Brando’s and Gooden’s shot selection issues. I am not worried about it though.

    •  @JustinNixon Not necessarily a SF, but a 2/3 that can be versatile, stretch the floor, and hit the corner three.  Dunleavy is better off the bench and Harris is more of a post threat than outside threat

  4. As for the backup center I am gonna go a little off script.. I like Alexis Ajinca

  5. I remember a few years ago there was interest in Rush while he was on the Pacers, Skiles really likes his style of play, so I would like to see him as an addition. AK47 is not in our price range, but would have loved to have him on the team. He’s either gonna be a Net or stay in Europe

  6. MatthewSchwendinger

    I think Harris is this good then, I could see just leaving SF to Dunleavy and Harris. Maybe Luke is the odd man out. Shooting guard is another one where if Lamb is so good then wouldn’t he Ellis’s back-up? Even if they sign a SG, it’d have to be someone who would prolly be fine with not playing too much. I think we have it covered. I’ve always felt a little bad for C D-R because when we had him, we never used him. BTW, some of you are way too harsh on Gooden. He’s a PF, not a C, but he had some good 10+ rebound games last year. Is he worth 6 million, prolly not…but don’t crucify him.

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger I’d prefer to just have Harris and Lamb be the back up in those respective positions, but I don’t see Skiles giving them that many minutes. Nobody denies that Gooden is a capable scorer and rebounder, and heck, he’s not a bad passer either. But at either PF or C, he’s an awful defensive player, and having bigs who can play defense is absolutely essential. 

    •  @MatthewSchwendinger I’ve been defending Gooden for as long as I can remember.

  7. Let the kids play. Adding a player from the scrap heap of available players won’t add a significant number of victories this season. Give the young kids a chance to play. Tobias can back up Dunleavy at SF, Henson can backup Gooden/Ersan at PF, and Lamb can back up Ellis at SG. If it turns out any of them aren’t up to the task, throw Moute in at SF, Don’t play Henson so much, and use the Beno/Jennings combo together like Skiles did at times last season. In reality, is a Brandon Rush or Josh Childress going to make us a title contender? I’d rather watch the current players develop (even if it means missing the playoffs) than seeing a bunch of retreads on one year contracts try to extend their careers for another season.

    • If Skiles were smart though Harris probably starts right away because LRMAM and Dunleavy are both 1-dimensional players that are better off in situational roles and coming off the bench. Harris is the future and he’s shown that his game is refined enough on both sides to be playing now. 

    • MatthewSchwendinger

       @BuckNuggets Am I confusing him with someone or isn’t Josh Childress a player in the past whose had attitude issues. Skiles doesn’t stand for that $@#!. I wish Hammond would stop grabbing players he knows will clash with Skile’s personality/style. Not that we currently have anyone like that now, but in the past: Salmons, Maggettes, Jackson, Bogut (to an extent) etc.