Jon Leuer Waived by Rockets; Can the Bucks LEUER him back?

CBA rules. Traded player waived by his new team can’t return back to his original team for a full year. This is all I have to say on the matter. I only posted because I’ve dealt with the question  94238750923457 times since Leuer was waived. Ok, that’s a lie, I’ve dealt with it twice. But why would anyone want another power forward on the team? Oh I forgot:

Jon Leuer is a real basketball player. He went to Wisconsin where they learn how to play TEAM basketball with FUNDAMENTALS. Jumping and running is for losers with no BASKETBALL IQ!!!!!

-Average Badger Fan


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  1. Skiles: Welcome to the first annual no Jo(h)ns meeting
    Leuer: hey you let John Henson in!
    Skiles: it’s the no Jo(h)ns club plural.. we are allowed to have one

  2. I am happy with the PF on the roster minus maybe one in talent and production all Leuer would do is gobble up garbage minutes toward the end of blowouts…the heat have that luxury the Bucks sadly do not