Notes: Salary cap set and Bucks sign John Henson

The Milwaukee Bucks on Tuesday officially signed first round pick John Henson to a contract that will guarantee him around $1.8 million this year and then $1.9 million in 2013-14. These figures are above the slotted contract for the 14th pick, which was at $1.4 million this year, but this is standard under the CBA as teams are allowed to pay their picks up to 20% above the slotted figure. The Bucks also hold team options on Henson for the 2014-15 and 2015-16 seasons.

With Henson now on the books, his salary can be applied to the recently set salary cap of $58.044 million. The Bucks, with Henson and Ilyasova’s (assumed) salary, currently sit about $3.7 million above the salary cap and $8.5 million below the luxury tax – which stayed roughly the same as last year at $70.307 million.

Yesterday, Brew Hoop’s Frank Madden put together this nifty little graphic for the Bucks current salary situation.

The Bucks have stated that they expect to sign second-round pick Doron Lamb before summer league starts on Monday. He is expected to sign a standard two-year second-round contract, represented in the chart above.

A few other rumblings:

  • Gery Woelfel tweeted yesterday that the Bucks have interest in the 25-year old, French center Ian Mahinmi, who has spent his first four years in the league with the Spurs and Mavericks. Last year was the first year Mahinmi saw legit minutes in the league, and he played quite serviceably. He could probably be had for a fraction of the Bucks remaining mid-level exception and would provide the team with its only legit backup center.
  • Ken Berger of CBS reported through a tweet on Sunday that the Bucks are one of six teams interested in free agent shooting guard Randy Foye. Foye is a shooter who struggled mightily at shooting last year for the Clippers, where he shot .398 from the field and .386 from three (on 5.1 attempted threes per game). The 6’4 guard would bring some size to the backcourt, but another shooter that can’t shoot is pretty low on the list of needs for this team.

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  1. MatthewSchwendinger

    With Ersan and Sam down under and (logically) Epke and John H. as their substitutions, I don’t really see how Drew Gooden figures into the mix at all now without unfortunate circumstances like injuries or such. Maybe Mahinimi would be good for that, but not much else. I think Larry Sanders too, will often be sitting on the bench too (not bad though to have those two guys there just in case). I would also think with Ersan and Henson there that Tobias would be looking to play more shooting guard than power forward. I’m not saying amnesty Gooden, but even a low-first round or high second-round draft pick is fine with me via a trade.

    • MatthewSchwendinger

      whoops!!! I meant Harris would be playing more SMALL FORWARD, not shooting guard. My bad.

  2. if you can’t get excited about the possible addition of Randy(I think I’m a shooting guard, but I’m really a point guard with no point guard skills.. ah hec I’m just gonna chuck it)Foye… then you have no pulse my friends

    • MatthewSchwendinger

       @JustinNixon Isn’t that why we drafted Lamb? So we wouldn’t need Randy Foye?

      • @MatthewSchwendinger which is exactly why that comment was sarcastic.. I do believe we may need another guard for depth purposes though.. I was thinking Jerryd Bayless

  3. It looks like they are going to amnesty Darko.. think we should consider him.. can’t believe he is still just 27 years old